4 Things You Need To Know About The Women’s Strike Today

Happy International Women’s Day! Today we’re celebrating the game-changing women of all backgrounds who have made huge steps towards our future. Not only that, we’re thanking and honoring the women before us who faced inequality head on and made a change!

Many people are taking part in the Women’s Day Strike today. Showing the world what A Day Without Women really looks like. So why should you join in? What does this strike stand for?

1. This strike is global!

30 countries around the world are participating in the strike, to highlight the impact of inequality around the world. Although it’s become highly political in the US, it’s still a good chance to protest against inequality.

2. It’s all about A Day Without a Woman

The whole premise of the strike is to participate in an international general women’s strike by walking out from offices and jobs and ignoring domestic chores. You can also join local marches, participate in a social media blackout and only buy from small women-owned businesses!

3. Wear red

Red is a color that signifies love and sacrifice. Everyone from Katy Perry to J.K Rowling is joining in and sporting red to show the world that we’re in this together. Too often we see women pitted against women, (Beyonce and Emma Watson most recently!) so let’s stand together!

4. There are other ways to celebrate

Tag us in your celebrations on Instagram. Whether you’re watching a kick-ass female film, showing love to your favorite girls or staging a walkout and wearing red, we want to hear about it!


What do you think of A Day Without a Woman? Let us know!

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Beth Macdonald

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