5 Goals Every Woman Should Set Herself In 2018



At the start of every new year, we’re motivated and ready with our resolutions to make this year a better year than the last. But, more often than not, especially for me, those goals don’t tend to differ from year to year. But for 2018 I’ve decided to take my goals more seriously. I’m done with setting resolutions to lose weight or work out more, as I set those goals almost every week! This year I’m going to set resolutions that will hopefully take me to the next level, not only in my career but in my everyday life too. So, if you want to make 2018 your year then you need to set these five new year resolutions for yourself:

1. Learn to make things happen

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Every chapter is tailored to what you’ll need that month to stay on track, whether you need to take a break in February or start spring cleaning in March, all you have to do is get a pen and work through each chapter as it comes, fill in the workbook exercises, read the inspiration articles and live your best life! Get 20% off with code GET20 here.


2. Let go of one bad habit 

It should be no news to you that bad habits hold you back. And when trying to shift one you need to fill that void with something you’re passionate about. For example, if you are a smoker but love running you have to cut out one habit to be better at something you love. But you can go deeper than that. Your bad habit could be running back to a person that makes you feel worse, someone who holds you back instead of pushing you forward. Changes like that could make much more small positive changes in your life you didn’t even know possible.


3. Build your confidence

Confidence is important. It can change how someone perceives you. It will show people your worth, especially in work. Confidence will help show your employees how valuable you are and will make you stand out from the rest. Not only that, but it will help you in so many more ways. And you will be a much happier person with it. But achieving it can be a lot easier said than done. However, there are little things you can do that can help build it. Try going to a movie alone, or even going out to a restaurant. Take up a hobby that you wouldn’t usually think you could do, conquering it will help you believe you can do anything. Because you can. Lastly, stand up for yourself. Learn when you should take a stand and don’t let anyone walk over you.


4. Do more to build a life you love

Getting Things Done available here.

Next year should be all about big changes for you. If you don’t love your job quit. If something in your life doesn’t make you happy let go if it. Live the life you imagine for yourself in the future. You are entering the future and you need to create the life you want to live. You can use our unique Getting Things Done planner to plan your life. Everything from meals and appointments to tracking your water can be written down and planned out.

We always want to be more and to be better. And now is the chance to make it happen. This planner will actually help you to get it together and create your dream life.


5. Progress in your career

Ok, you worked really hard last year and now it’s time to step up your game again. And you should do this every year. Set new goals you want to accomplish in your career and put down things that surprise you, stuff you usually would be not confident enough to do. You want to move up, progress and be taking more seriously in your career and you can. Go after it this year. Set the steps you need to achieve your goals and make a detailed plan that’s bulletproof and nothing gets in your way.

What are your new year goals? Let us know in the comments section below



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  • Awesome, useful tips. Thanks for sharing this! 💕



  • This is so motivating, I really need to make things happen next year. Creating the life that I want to live is my main goal for next year, nearly everything is in my own hands. I just need to start doing it x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  • Rossica Kuoch

    I’m 100% agreed with you but I think women should add more points are:
    Value yourself – You should value yourself and put yourself is the first priority. Sound like you are doing a selfish but you should know that everyone is vital and you are vital too. You are great and more value than you think.
    Respect yourself – having good life and good manner are things that you should do for respect yourself.

  • Kay Nguyen

    This is an amazing post, so inspiring! Thanks for sharing <3


  • Rani & Co.

    LOVE all of these points! Deffo need to work on leaving behind one bad habit!


    • Alina Leiendecker

      Dear Rani, I followed your link and I am so impressed with your website! Did you build your clothing & jewellery brand all by your own? And where did you start?
      Lots of love,

      • Ramona Gohil

        Hi Alina,

        Aw thank you so much for checking out my website! Yes I did it by myself and launched it in August this year. I use Shopify for the website and it’s fab!

        Love, Ramona xxx

        • Alina Leiendecker

          Dear Ramona,
          That sounds so good! But how did you find a supplier and a factory you really trust with the quality? In my opinion this is the hardest step while becoming a clothing start-up!
          Love from Switzerland, Alina

          • Rani & Co.

            Hi Alina,

            I spoke to LOTS of suppliers and asked for samples. The clothes are produced in the UK as it works out cheaper for smaller quantities, but if you want larger quantities, try googling which countries big brands get their clothes manufactured in. I know Turkey and Bangladesh are popular countries It takes a while to find someone you trust who also provides good quality but it’s best to take your time with your research. I had no idea how to start so I literally just googled everything!

            Love, Ramona xxx

  • I love the planners and want to get the Life Box! Building confidence is also a goal of mine for 2018. I hope to get even more comfortable traveling and camping alone.

  • Lesley Scaife

    Feeling inspired. I’ve just applied to start the training for my dream job in February .. Watch this space .. ‘I can and I will .. Just watch me!’

    • Patricia Malemes

      Go for it!

    • Gemma David

      Yes you can!

  • M.h. Dorsett

    My goal for 2018 is aligned with #5. As a writer I want to to complete my first “book tour”! In 2017 I published my first book. A major goal of mine for the last 10 years. Goals don’t get achieved overnight!


  • Love this new years resolution so so much. I need to right mine asap.
    BTW check my last year’s list. Perhaps someone can get inspired by that.

  • Ready to hit the ground running in 2018! Good luck to all of my fellow boss babes out there.

    xx, Tomi

  • SAnne Briggs

    The 5 steps presented are a great source of creating POSSIBILITIES!!! Look into your life as it stands today, and see whether you have overlooked opportunities anywhere.I can think of a few places where I dropped the ball that was thrown out to me! I will firstly revamp my FRIENDS list!! I am motivated when near other proactive people! Here I go, writing my first chapter of my first book!!

  • Nice article. But just wanted to let y’all know that it says 2019 and not 2018 several times at the beginning of the article.

  • Such great and inspiring goals ! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  • I love the look of that planner! I definitely need to break a few bad habits in 2018, such as sleeping in until 11am if I’m not doing anything.


  • Vinincia Strachan

    I just received the planner and love it. However, for those of you who live in the US. or Canada, it may take a few months before you get it. I ordered the planner in October and never received it until December, 2017. Why? I have no idea, but once received the planner is very nice.

  • Great tips, progress is the key no matter how small!

  • Chesi Argibay

    This was great!