5 Weird And Wonderful Beauty Tools That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Struggling to get ready in the morning? If your typical routine involves mismatched eyebrows and mascara smudges, you clearly aren’t using the right tools. It’s not your fault. Some of the best beauty tools are so little known, you probably have never heard of them. Until now.

Give them a try, and be surprised at how easier they make your morning routine (and life):


If you’re like me, you’re ruining your flawless, just applied eye makeup every time you put on mascara. So frustrating! But wait. Tweezerman No Mess Mascara Guard comes to the rescue. Simply hold it over the area you want to protect, and apply mascara as normal. Bye bye smudges!



Babybliss Nano Titanium MiraCurl Machine looks like something that landed on earth from planet space, but it’s actually a new type of curly iron. Best thing about it? It’s automatic! You don’t need to wrap your hair around the wand, like you would with a traditional curling iron. You just stick your hair in there, and the curl comes out. Of course, you can choose what kind of curl you want, from luscious loose beach waves to perfectly coiled curls. Curling your hair has never been easier!


Still applying body lotion with your hands? That’s so old-school! Just pour some to the PVA sponge and apply it all over your skin. You’ll never have trouble reaching those tricky areas, like the back and shoulders, again.


imagesThe Brow Buddy looks like an instrument of torture, but I swear it’s not. It’s your eyebrows’ best friend. It allows you to measure and create the best brows for your face. With its help, they’ll always match too!


Can’t paint your nails without getting nail polish all over your hands? Me neither. That’s why I love these nail polish stencils. Yes, they look weird, but they make sure your nail polish only end up where it should: your fingernails. Finally!


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What are your favourite little-known beauty tools?

By Giorgia Guazzarotti