How To Become A Happier Person In An Instant



This is your year, to make all your dreams come true you need to be on the ball. It starts with you, and your health and happiness. If you want to become a happier person and swerve any negativity that comes your way during 2018, you’ll need to work on yourself.

Change the way you feel about being happier, it’s not something that requires real effort, and it’s not something you can fake. Being happier with who you are and the life you’re leading, starts with your mindset. Here’s how…


1. Accept that negativity is a part of life

You know when you’re feeling negative, you might be dreading something or letting yourself get caught up in everything that could go wrong. Negative feelings are worst when we let our minds wander. When you start to think about all the hardships you’ve had to endure and all the reasons to be unhappy. If one bad thing happens, you can let it define you, or you can break free from it.

To make that happen you can start by stepping away from your phone. Create hours of operation, outside of those hours you’re not allowed to look at your phone. If you’re struggling, instead of browsing Instagram, make a call. Call your friends, call your sister, call your parents. 30 minutes of chat can make a huge difference. Open a journal and write down the reasons why you might be feeling negative, write down that you accept your feelings and know that they won’t last forever. You’ll feel lighter as soon as you’ve put the pen down.


2. Remember that good things happen

We’re our own worst critics. We can spend hours telling ourselves that if good things have happened to us, it’s because of luck – not because of hard work. If you found yourself not as celebratory as you should have been on New Year’s Eve, take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the things you’ve achieved.

Surely you need to celebrate those things and let them in. Be proud of yourself, nothing bad is going to happen if you enjoy your wins!


3. Work on your vision for this month 

What is your vision? If you’re a visual person create a secret board on Pinterest and pin images that suggest the kind of month you want to have. Photos that inspire you, photos that remind you what you want to do this month. Look at this board whenever you’re feeling as if the month is getting away from you. Imagining how you want your life to be, plays a huge part in actually creating that life.


4. Plan things that make you happy 

A writer’s retreat, a vacation, a trip with your friends. Plan things for the coming weekends and do more of what makes you happy. Your happiness depends on the way you see this year. See 2018 as a new, fresh start for yourself and work towards it. Do things differently this year, make big changes, and your happiness will increase.


5. Let yourself be sad

Happiness comes and goes. You’re not always going to be happy, sometimes you’ll be grumpy, sometimes you’ll be sad. It’s normal! Trying too hard to be happy (or appear so) all the time, is the fastest way to start the year off on the wrong foot. You can still be a go-getter when you’re sleep deprived. You can still be a boss when you feel miserable. Don’t forget that, embrace your emotions – you can use them like strengths!


What’s your big goal for this year? Share it with us, we love hearing about your goals and plans…



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  • Rani & Co.

    Love these points. I think having a social media detox once a month is also healthy for the mind.

  • Maddison Jayne

    This is hoenstly so true, I always tell myself to accept that negativity is a part of life and that it is alright to be sad even when I feel like I shoudnt be, it is so good to take things from these experiences to then work on your vision for the next month! xx