Question Of The Day: What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?



Happy Monday everybody! Today I’m thinking about how what we wanted to do as children can impact how we act and the career we go into as an adult.

It’s always funny to throw fancy dress parties where everyone dresses as what they wanted to be.

Some people turn up as doctors, teachers, and garbage men. Others turn up as trees or dogs with hilarious stories.

In our office, we all wanted to be different things. I used to spend ages creating comic books for my brother.

And for a while, I wanted to be a writer. You can’t take that too seriously though, because I also wanted to be a pop star, and design my own shopping mall.



I loved Britney, Baby Spice, and Barbie dolls. So it’s no surprise that I dyed my hair blonde as soon as I could. And kept it blonde. Obviously those role models I had meant a lot to me in adult life, too.

We chatted about this in the office. I was quite surprised to know that our assistant editor Libby wanted to be a Vicar.

She’s the furthest thing from a Vicar. But she loved the Vicar of Dibley so much that it influenced her career choice.

What people wanted to be as a child really reveals things about them.

It got me thinking though, I want to know what you wanted to be when you were a kid. And what you grew up into.

How did what you wanted to be as a child influence your career choice as an adult? Or didn’t it? Maybe on some level, the things that interest us as children do come with us into adulthood.

I’m excited to hear what you wanted to be when you grew up – and what you grew up into. Share your stories with me in the comments, girls!



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  • I really wanted to be a paleontologist or a vet! I’m unfortunately neither but I remember those were my goals for sooooo long!

    A xx

    • Cool! Where did you get the idea to be paleontologist from? Did something inspire you as a child?

      • I was just obsessed with dinosaurs as a child haha

  • Actress and archaeologist! Neither of those things worked out for me, but I remember signing my name when I was in 1st grade to practice my autograph. Haha!

    Eva |

    • Me too! I so wanted to be the next Britney Spears – haha. Such a cool variety though, actress and archaeologist – I always thought digging up bones was so cool. X

      • I love Brit, so obviously that would have been amazing. Yeah, I think as kids we like the idea of discovering hidden treasures! I did actually take a few archaeology classes in college, so that’s something! Haha.

  • martasplanet

    A flight attendant! Ever since I can remember I wanted to be that lady in the pretty uniform with a matching suitcase. And even though it wasn’t my first career choice, nor my last, against all odds I ended up flying all over the world for a year with a world renowned airline and it’s one of my proudest achievements. :)

    • That is so cool! It’s so nice to know that something you always wanted to do became a reality.

  • I wanted to be an architect since the age of 10 or 11 and now proudly am an architect working in southern california =o)

    • That’s so inspiring that you followed your dreams. Where did you get the inspo to want to be an architect? x

  • Meral Bilge

    I wanted to be a Showmaster or an actress. I also wanted to be a lawyer, to be a voice for the ones who can´t raise their own. And I became a lawyer and give also classes at the university. I really love my Job, but didn´t expect it to be so tough sometimes.

    • Perrie

      I ended up being a lawyer too (agree on the last line for sure – I work in criminal defence). I didn’t want to pursue law until after my undergraduate degree though. When I was little, I wanted to be a vet and then a doctor. I went so far as to attend health science in first year university and absolutely hated it! I always had this image in my mind of me as an adult though, in a great professional outfit with heels, going through NYC – not sure if vets did that in my mind haha.

  • Margarida Machado

    In my early years I wanted to be a princess (like every other girl in the planet), so I asked my dad where was the university to have a princess degree, when I discovered that I had to marry a prince to achieve my dream “job”, I quit the idea. So I decided that I wanted to be a dog hairdresser and back then I was afraid of dogs, so you can imagine… Then I wanted to be a painter and a nurse like my parents, again I discovered that I was afraid of niddles so I have to quit my dream job again. After that, a lot of years later, I decided to be an architect, then a fashion designer, then a product designer and now I’m completing my master degree in Fashion Communication’s Design. I don’t know how my dream to be a princess influenced me to be what I am now, but I really do believe that I still am that dreamy little girl deep inside.

  • isabel-96

    I love this idea! I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, since I was a little girl – it’s a family thing. but I’ve been through several phases in which I either wanted to be a journalist/writer (I was pretty good at essays & school activities) or fashion designer/buyer or even an actress at some point (this was when I fell in love with alan rickman when I was 15). but deep down I know that medicine is just the right thing for me and that’s what I’m doing. still art, design, fashion & literature are a big part of my life