The New Superfoods That Will Give You Perfect Skin And Hair

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You are what you eat, or so they say, and what you should be eating is food for healthy skin and hair. We’re always looking for those under-the-radar foods that make a huge difference to your mood, skin, and hair, and it turns out there are quite a few we’d never heard of before. These are the foods that are going to be big in the next few months, that will do all the hard work ready for party season from the inside out.

You might have seen these on the supplement aisles, but did you know what they can actually do?

1. Give yourself bright, glowing skin with Mangosteen

Unsurprisingly known as the ‘queen of fruits’, Mangosteen is as tasty as it is beneficial. The Asian fruit improves blood flow which aids hair growth and brightens skin by replenishing cells. This antioxidant prevents inflammatory conditions such as eczema and dry skin! Crazy right? You can get mangosteen supplements for bright skin, or just pick up a couple at your local food store. Simply break the shell and eat the fruit inside to reap the benefits!

2. Get super silky hair with Purslane

Another strong tasting plant, purslane comes in form of a leafy vegetable making it perfect to add to salad or meat dishes. Its properties include vitamins A, B and C, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Omega 3 is another major value of purslane, which is both great for hair and skin, improving its elasticity and moisture, and reducing inflammation. So if you start including this one in your diet, you’ll definitely have bouncy, shiny hair in no time.

3. Get younger looking skin and strong hair with Amla fruit

Amla fruit (or Indian gooseberry) is over 20 times richer in vitamin C than oranges, meaning just a handful of these a day can strengthen hair at the roots and boost pigmentation, giving it a healthier look overall. It’s known for making skin firmer and preventing hair loss, thanks to the ingredients it has inside. It can’t hurt to try it though, right? You can also get Amla supplements and some people swear by crushing the fruit up and applying it to your hair to get the full benefits!

4. Protect your skin from the inside out with Gac

I’d never heard of Gac before, but unlike the others in this list, gac has very little flavor despite its vivid orange color. This color is due to the high levels of the pigment Beta-carotene (also found in sweet potatoes and carrots) which works as a sunblock, reducing the harm UV rays can have on the skin. It also prevents other external damages such as pollution, and can even add a warm glow to the skin if you include it in your diet. Gac fruit has been used in Vietnam to treat conditions of the eyes, burns, skin problems, and wounds. You can even drink the juice!

5. Banish dry skin with Sea Buckthorn

Omega 7 is so important for perfect skin. It’ll keep your skin moisturized and nourished, and if you suffer from dryness or irritability it’ll reduce that. For a huge boost in your Omega 7 levels, look into Sea Buckthorn. Despite its unappetizing name, sea buckthorn is a delicious fruit originating from northern Aisa and very sharp in taste. It is also one of the highest sources of vitamin E which protects skin and hair cells from environmental damage. There’s a reason you can find this all over the health food aisles!

Which little-known foods do you try to include in your diet?

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  • Petra Brisby

    Great article, I very much into the supplements and superfoods, but must admit some of the ones you mentioned I have never heard of before. xx Petra

  • This is amazing! I haven’t really heard of these but love learning about new superfoods. Thanks for sharing!

  • Candy Marcano

    i’d like to see a picture of the food… because in some cases i don’t have any idea how it looks like.

  • JM wife

    This is good, helps a lot for someone like me

  • ishy

    Amla or Indian gooseberry is so potent that it is one of the fruits that actually still retain the Vit C content post cooking or preserving as well. I am an Indian and we have been using Amla everyday of our lives, be it in the form of pickles, condiments, sweet preserves, jams, oils, scrubs, candied, sun dried, powdered, boiled, juiced, and even raw on an empty stomach. It is a powerhouse of Vit C and takes just 1 week to show some serious results. Eating it raw is quite difficult though, because of its very sharp horrendous taste as well as the time it takes to chew it down completely but benefits the most when eaten eaw or freshly juiced.