15 New Things To Wear To Work This Week




For me, figuring out what to wear to work in the morning can be a little bit of a difficult task!

Do you ever stare blankly into your wardrobe hoping something will jump out at you? Or, do you open your closet ten times over thinking there might be something amazing you’ve missed?

Because that describes my mornings perfectly. We may have all of these clothes, but nothing we actually want to wear!

So, why not try buying some simple pieces that make sure you look fab five days of the week. Here are some ideas:


Striped Tuck Waist Blouse $65 available here




Mango Printed Pleated Skirt $80 available here




H&M Crêped Dress $20 available here




NA-KD Blocked Knitted Sweater $60 available here




Topshop Wrap Duster Coat $150 available here





Mango Stripes Pleated Skirt $80 available here




H&M Balloon-Sleeved Dress $60 available here




NA-KD Tied Waist Oversize Dress $48 available here




Topshop Tuck Seam Midi Dress $90 available here




Bow Belt Trousers $70 available here




H&M Coat $60 available here





Topshop Knot Woven Mules $68 available here




H&M Wide-Leg Cotton Pants $40 available here




Mango Concealed Button Shirt $40 available here




H&M Double-Breasted Blazer $50 available here



Share your styling tips with us in the comments below, we’ll feature the best one!



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  • Dressed With Soul

    Such an amazing selection! I really love these pieces!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Libby Smith

      Don’t you just want them all! Not good for the bank balance!

  • Sweet Leilani

    i agree very versatile and mixed collection, I am particle to that yellow drees with the yellow slides .
    Would be awesome as well in the pantene of the year lavender shade as well!

    • Libby Smith

      Love the yellow dress!

  • Oh my goodness the humour when I read your opening paragraph lovely :’D . Couldn’t be more right lovely! I’m definitely the browser. Looking up and down the rack saying to myself “I know it’s coming; somethings gonna pop out any time now”. Haha :) .

    Ellie Xx

    • Libby Smith

      I must look in my wardrobe twenty times thinking new clothes will magically appear, or I’ve missed something! It’s exactly like opening the fridge a hundred times over!

  • I love this post! Honestly, I would wear these pieces out…why only save it for work haha

    Looking for more fashion?
    Check out my Youtube Channel

    • Libby Smith

      The point is that these outfits are perfect outfits to wear after work, so if you’ve got drink with a friends you’re ready, an event? You’re ready… a date? You’re ready!