The 1 Big Mistake Millennials Are Making On Their CV

photo: Tijan Serena


Apparently, millennials are making a deadly mistake on their CV that could seriously harm their job prospects. Here it is: being too smug! It’s a hard mistake to pin down, but it’s all about tone. If you’re making jokes, going on unnecessarily about your accomplishments, listing unrelated experience…

We’ve come up with a guide to ensuring you avoid this mistake at all costs on your CV and get that dream job!

Don’t List Everything. We’re sure you’ve done some amazing things since high school! But seriously question whether absolutely everything needs to go on your CV for that particular job application.

If you’re applying for Social Media Manager, do you really need to include your prize for best chemistry results freshman year? Probably not. Take out anything that’s not relevant to the job you’re going for. Even if you’re super proud of it, ask yourself: will my prospective employer really care?

Check Your Tone. A professional tone is key: don’t be jokey or casual on your CV! Depending on the job you’re going for, a relaxed and jokey tone could be appropriate for your cover letter. But not your CV!

Don’t use slang or abbreviations or emojis. Use your most polished language. And don’t waffle! You’re summing up your experience, not writing an essay.

Be Concise. Don’t use twenty words when ten will do! Your prospective employer goes through dozens of CVs and cover letters, so too much flourish will frustrate them. Keep it short wherever you can.

A good trick is to write out in bullet points what you want to say for each bit of experience you’re summing up. Once you’ve done that, elaborate the bullet points into full sentences. You’ll avoid unnecessary and off-putting word vomit!

We’re definitely going to be giving our resumes a polish now we’ve learned this! 

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  • Elishia

    Getting the tone just right is so difficult. I’m in the process of applying for jobs at the moment and there is such a fine line between ‘I’m confident in my ability to do this job well’ and ‘if you don’t hire me you’re insane and I’m better off without you anyway because I’m the best thing since sliced bread’. I’ll be looking over my CV with this article in mind!