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10 Amazing Successful Women To Follow On Twitter

11351044_500101746808575_1717223057_nWomen often don’t get enough recognition for their amazing contribution to the business world; Twitter can act as the perfect platform for the many inspirational and successful women who have made it big and conquered the world of business. Here are 10 inspirational women to get following!

#1 Melissa Stewart @MelissaOnline

The founder of She Owns It, a site which enables women to share their success stories and motivate fellow female entrepreneurs who dream big. Melissa posts links daily to blog posts, articles and websites offering support and guidance in the big scary world of business.

#2 Karren Brady @karren_brady

You may know her as Lord Alan Sugar’s right hand woman but this powerful lady has no problem standing on her own two feet. She is the current vice-chairman of West Ham United as well as earning her title as politician, television broadcaster, newspaper columnist, author and novelist.

#3 Jo Elvin @jo_elvin

Editor of Glamour Magazine, named the most popular UK magazine in print in 2013. Glamour prides itself on celebrating and empowering women who juggle life as being a career woman with having an equally great work life balance. With her down to earth, laugh out loud tweets Jo is the perfect woman to remind you not to take life too seriously.

#4 Ellen DeGeneres @theellenshow

The queen of American chat shows, also a comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer, DeGeneres currently has over 43 million Twitter followers. She supports many causes such as animal rights, anti-bullying and LGBT rights helping to inspire people to stay true to themselves.

#5 J K Rowling @jk_rowling

When she’s not too busy thinking up a winning storyline for her next bestseller you can catch Rowling sharing words of wisdom on her Twitter account with her 5.4 million followers. Rowling openly stands up to twitter trolls and is never afraid to speak her mind.

#6 Mary Portas @maryportas

As an entrepreneur, journalist, retail consultant and broadcaster there isn’t much Mary Portas hasn’t done. Before the age of 30 she was a member of the board at Harvey Nichols, she now has over 16 charity shops opened around the UK supporting Save The Children and in 2011 was named the 6th most influential person in fashion.

#7 Emma Sinclair @ES_Entrepreneur

Emma is the youngest person to take a company (mission company) to public, which she did at 29. She is an ex investment banker, has won several business awards and regularly speaks at events and conferences in Europe, the USA and Asia. Emma uses her Twitter to post an insight into her life as a business women as well as being keen on health and wellbeing.

#8 Simone Brummelhuis @thenextwomen

Simone Brummelhuis is the founder and CEO of The Next Women, a business magazine for aspiring female entrepreneurs. She regularly tweets advice and life lessons aimed to help women looking to get into the business industry.

# 9 Kirsty Henshaw @Kirsty_Henshaw

Former Dragons Den contestant and mother of one Kirsty is the founder of her health brand ‘Kirsty’s’, a brand currently worth £3.8m. On twitter Kirsty talks about her juggle between being a business women and a mother, offering tips and tricks and helpful advice to those of you balancing parenthood with a career.

#10 Oprah Winfrey @Oprah

A self-made CEO worth around $2.7 billion, Oprah has made a name for herself as a talk show host, actress, philanthropist, publisher and producer. Oprah is said to be the richest African-American of the 20th century, she gave away $400 million to educational causes as well as stating in her will that she wishes to give away a huge total of 1 billion dollars to charity. Oprah is a prime example of how success can do good in the world.

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Written by Sophie Black.

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Beth is the editor of CGD and lives in London surrounded by piles of papers and highlighters. In her spare time she has conversations with dogs and writes short stories.


  1. LisaLDN says

    Awesome, I’m always looking for new people to inspire me, and Twitter is my favourite social media platform!

  2. Camille says

    These women are all so inspiring

  3. Isabelle says

    Totally agree such great women on twitter especially JK Rowling, love her tweets

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