10 Most Annoying Things That Happen In The Office

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 09.28.39It’s Monday morning and you’re on your way to work. Aside from the fact that you’d rather be home getting some extended beauty sleep, you’re probably already creating a mental list of the things that you need to get done that day. Although you would like to cross each item off your list quickly and efficiently, that can sometimes be difficult due to routine annoyances that happen in the office. Although I’m sure this list could longer, here are a few of the most common scenarios that came to mind:

1. Noise

Nothing is worse than being distracted at work by noise. More specifically, a noise coming from a co-worker. You know, the kind that munches loudly on crunchy foods, or the kind that practically bangs on the keyboard when typing. Or the kind that feels the need to talk so loudly on the phone that the rest of office feels part of the conversation. Or my personal favorite, the kind that hums or sings. Someone should probably remind them that this is not a Broadway musical.

2. Recapping the weekend

While you’re on your way to work on Monday, you may want to also use that time to draft an elevator speech. Everyone in the building will probably ask you how your weekend was, in which case you’ll need to give a quick synopsis. Because you’ll be spending the greater portion of the day engaging in this kind of small-talk, keep it to 30 seconds or less, making it less painful for you and the receiver.

3. Sick co-workers

Let’s face it, being sick is usually a big inconvenience. You get behind in your work or maybe miss an event that you were looking forward to. So when a co-worker comes in and shares germs by sneezing and coughing, you may become stricken with paranoia as you consider the repercussions involved with catching this contamination. Make sure you have a secret stash of antibacterial hand wash!

4. People who don’t respond to emails

With such advanced technology, many people respond to emails as quickly as they do with texts. But what about those other co-workers take days to respond, or perhaps even never respond. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

5. Co-workers who only email

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those co-workers who will send you an email when they are sitting right next to you. These situations remind me of teenage girls who sit next to each other and giggle as they text each other. Friendly reminder: Email is for sending important messages, not a form of communication to hide behind.

6. Meetings that drag

Some meetings go on far longer than they should. Maybe this is due to a busy agenda, but it’s usually the result of attendees going off on tangents. The rest of the attendees become uninterested, you all start doodling on a pieces of paper and then shooting cold glances towards the clock in hopes that it will tick faster. If only you could actually make it tick faster. A girl can dream.

7. Dirty dishes

Most offices are equipped with kitchens these days. Although convenient to store and make food, it becomes inconvenient (and gross!) when dirty dishes seem to pile up. Where is an office clean-freak when you need one?

8. Corporate jargon

Although using appropriate language and terminology in the workplace is both important and professional, there are occasionally those individuals who use jargon and buzzwords unnecessarily and without purpose. It makes you scratch your head and wonder if perhaps they realize what they are saying.

9. Healthy people

You know who I’m referring to, and there are probably one or two people that come to mind. They are the ones who walk to work, do pilates exercises at their desks and who go to the gym during lunch. They can also be found eating a lot of kale and never touching the donuts sitting in the break room.

10. Permanently stressed co-workers

Picture a co-worker who is always worried, always asking questions to make sure everything is done correctly and always telling long-winded stories of frustration and anxiety. As if you aren’t naturally stressed enough, you don’t need someone else adding to it. Perhaps you should refer them to a meditation app.

I can only imagine that this list could be expanded. So let this be a lesson in etiquette and may us career girls never take part in these annoyances.

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  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr camille

    Lovely post

  • http://will-work-for-coffee.blogspot.co.uk Linda D.

    That is so true! My last office had a mix of 1, 2, 8 and 9. Just imagine lovely Monday mornings full of chatty vegans (just coming back from their daily jogging) gathering near the copy machine talking about how they did the most exciting nothing over weekend and how they have to “find the magic bullet to action their KPI’s because the top is making waves”. :)

  • http://themiddlesister.co.uk Alice

    Oh My God number 3 kills me. It’s 2015 ! The vast majority of offices allow working from home and the vast majority of homes have decent Wifi. If you are sick but sooooo important that you need to continue working do. it. from. home. That way you wont spread your germs around and infect the rest of us so we can do our jobs properly. Can’t deal with a work martyr!


  • http://www.thisrainylife.com Megan

    Oh the corporate life. It’s for reasons like this that all companies need to allow work-from-home days. It doesn’t need to be every day, but sometimes you just need a day or two to work in your PJs and be away from your co-workers for a bit. You spend the majority of your life with them, so it doesn’t seem like too much to ask. Thanks for posting!

  • http://theworkingsurfgirl.com Nahid

    I am a surfer and I work in the corporate work (shocking right!!), and I had the pleasure and misery to share my passion during a “talent” corporate event. So now every time I have a meeting with the Bank’s Top Management, the first and sometimes the only question they ask me directly is: “So, how has been the surf lately?” instead of “What are you going to present us today?”…

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