10 Awesome Offices From Around The World


What do you wish for in your office? Do you dream of sliding into work? Or looking out into the forest? Us too. That’s why we had a look at some of the coolest offices around the world, for serious goals. I don’t think Monday mornings would be an issue if we were going to one of these offices. It’s almost impossible to believe people actually work there!

Google Tel Aviv

Image via Office Snapshots

Bringing the outdoors inside, Google’s Tel Aviv office is serious goals. Relaxed enough to think you’re at home, we’d get so much done if we could work here. Loving the addition of a couple of board games in the rec room. Amazing.




Dropbox San Francisco

Image via Custom Spaces

Dropbox’s San Francisco offices are so cool. With mixtures of homey and office decor, this is one office we could definitely work in. The meeting rooms are awesome, and the gym in the office means we’d never have an excuse not to go and work out.


Urban Outfitters

Image via Office Snapshots

The cool girl store obviously has seriously cool offices, too. This building is the office for all the brands it houses, including Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. It’s a place of inspiration and creativity. I don’t think we’d be able to leave those clothes hanging where they are…


Facebook Menlo Park

Image via Custom Spaces


Known for its ball pit and innovative ways to let people wind down, the Menlo Park offices are every bit as cool and creative as you’d think. With such a large team, Facebook knows the importance of letting everyone get some air. Large, vibrant prints are what we need in our lives, like right now. Imagine cycling to the office. Goals.

Selgas Cano Architectural Office


If you’re bored of staring at white walls while you work, this office will be the object of your affections. Designed to be in the middle of nature, there’s nothing more inspiring than feeling as though you’re out in the middle of the forest. If only we could get away from the city.


Hootsuite Vancouver 

Images via Vancouver Sun

Hootsuite’s offices in Vancouver are natural and woodsy. Wood mixed with large painted canvases and rustic design creates a really natural, calming space. And they even have nap rooms! Do they ever get any work done? Because there aren’t enough hours in the day for naps and table football…tell us your secrets Hootsuite!


Peer 1, Southampton UK


Speaking of offices that never get anything done…Peer 1’s office features a golf area, a pub, and a slide. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to meetings when you could slide there? This office is perfect for any fun-lover and company with a good attitude. We’re looking around the office for spots to build a slide right now.


Pandora Offices, Minneapolis


Chic and functional design is champion in the Pandora offices. This is the perfect office for the girl who likes to work in style. Accented rugs, clever wall designs and great uses of space make this the chicest office on the list. Color is king at Pandora, and we like it!


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