#Careergirlconfession : 10 Awkward Questions You’ll Probably Be Asked This Holiday Season


Christmas is the social season. With plenty of family get-togethers, reunions and office parties, you’ll be finding yourself exposed to lots of awkward conversations that are impossible to avoid.

From judgemental relatives, to nosy co-workers and gossip-obsessed friends, here are 10 awkward questions that you’ll be asked this holiday season:

1) So, are you still single then?

Christmas is the season of romance, and they’ll be plenty of people ready to make you feel bad if you’re spending it alone (see Bridget Jones’s Diary for reference). The special emphasis on the still is the perfect little dig at the length of time you’ve been single, and it’s enough to make the question a dreaded one. Haven’t they read CGD? It’s awesome to be single…

2) Have you been going to the gym?

So the last time you spoke to this person was probably summer, during the height of your fitness lifestyle. Now that the cold winter nights have drawn in, and the big baggy jumpers are back in fashion, you’ve more than likely missed a gym session or two. Is this question saying that you look like you’ve put on weight? Or, is it a chance to get revenge over how jealous they were of your previous impressive dedication to fitness?

3) What are your plans for the New Year?

This is all well and good if you actually have plans for the New Year. The awkwardness arises when the only answer you have is “I plan on doing exactly what I’ve been doing this year”. Attention has been drawn to the fact that you have no real plans for you future, and are instead you’re made to feel guilty for being happy to stay the way you’ve always been.

4) Are you still working there?

A great way to draw attention to the fact that none of last year’s New Years resolutions were fulfilled. Your big plans to make this the year of your career have completely failed, and your lack of progress has just been made really obvious. Do what makes you happy, if you’re enjoying your work and fulfilling other areas of your life, a loaded question like that might put you over the edge. Master the art of smiling sweetly, it’s the best way to overcome those questions.

5) When are you getting married?

The possibility that you don’t want to rush into marriage is hard for so many to believe; especially your dear old Grandma. It may be that you simply aren’t ready, or that your non-committal boyfriend won’t get your not-so-subtle hints. Either way it’s an awkward conversation to be having round the dinner table.

6) Can you really afford that?

Christmas is the time of year where we are all guilty of getting far too into the spirit of things, completely forgetting that we have other responsibilities. The truth is you probably can’t afford to have splashed out on those presents or the glitzy dress, but you’d much prefer to be completely in-denial about that.

7) Are you really going to eat all that?

It’s Christmas! The one time of the year where it’s completely acceptable to have that third slice of pie, and you don’t have to be made to feel guilty about it. Yes, you really are going to eat that, and no you don’t need the judgemental questioning about it.

8) Are you still living at home then?

Another great way to make you feel as though your life is going nowhere. It’s likely that you’ll spend the whole of your twenties under your mum and dad’s roof, but you really didn’t want to have to admit that out loud.

9) Did you change your hair?

Not ‘wow your hair looks great’ or ‘it really suits you’, just ‘is it different?’ The fact that the person isn’t sure it’s even changed, or shows no enthusiasm towards liking it, makes responding pretty hard.

10) How much have you had to drink?

Probably far too much, but you don’t need it to brought to everyone’s attention. It’s Christmas, you’re allowed to be merry, but that doesn’t mean you won’t regret the embarrassment in the morning, especially when that one relative notices your glowing red cheeks…

  • Dressed With Soul

    Yes, these questions … It really makes sense being prepared:)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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  • http://www.makeupandmodifieds.blogspot.com Ashlee Michelle

    These are Classic!! And completely true. My personal favorite has been “So when are you two having babies?” My husband and I get that every holiday get together.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Except for the “married” thing (I’m 19) this is so true for me ahah



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