10 Of The Best Hidden Facebook Features Every 20 Something Should Know


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Remember the days before Facebook? It was just Bebo or Myspace. If you haven’t already tracked down your old accounts then do so, upload them to Facebook and tag everyone. Sit back and grab a bag of popcorn whilst watching all the “Oh my god, what was I thinking?!” comments unfurl.

So it’s been eight years now since I joined Facebook, I know this thanks to the new ‘On this Day’ feature. Thanks Facebook for reminding me about dead pets and extremely bad grammar.

Eight years, and I still didn’t know about any of these hidden features. I guess they really weren’t over-exaggerating about the hidden part….

There’s a hidden Facebook inbox

Facebook occasionally filters messages that have been sent to you into a hidden folder. This secret inbox is pretty much a spam folder, but will probably contain messages from people you know or pages you’ve liked. Maybe a party invitation from five years ago….

For the web version of Facebook, click on the Messages button at the top of the page, and then click on Message Requests. Clicking on See filtered requests will reveal the hidden inbox and any messages that were sent to you but automatically filtered out of your main inbox by Facebook.

To get to this folder in iOS or Android, open Messenger and tap Settings at the bottom, then tap on People and Message Requests > See filtered requests.


You can still poke people

You probably haven’t done this in years, but the ability to “poke” people still exists, although it’s a little tucked away now. I don’t think I’ll be poking anyone anytime soon, it’s best left to the teenage boys who wish to get the attention of a girl. Tee hee!

To Poke someone, go to their profile page and click the ellipses () next to the Message tab and select Poke.

Hidden games – Chess

To start a new game just type @fbchess play during a conversation. A board will appear and your opponent will go first.


Hidden games – Basketball

Chess not really up your street? To shoot some hoops, you just need to send a basketball emoji to someone, tap it in the chat window, and the game will start.


 You can use Dropbox to share files

Facebook Messenger has gained Dropbox support, so you can now share content through that cloud service. All you have to do is tap the More button in Messenger for iOS or Android, and you’ll see Dropbox as an available source. You will need to have Dropbox installed as well, though.

Log out remotely

You get home, and oops; you’ve left your Facebook logged in round your friend’s house. Or even worse, in the Apple store. This leaves you with a 99% chance of being fraped.

Open up Facebook’s web interface, click the down arrow at the top right and select Settings > Security > Where You’re Logged In. Find the place(s) you don’t want to be logged in at and click the End activity link.


You can secretly unfriend someone

You don’t really speak to them, and you’re just fed up of them spamming your wall with every single little thing they do with their other half. Seriously, can’t you just tell them how great they are to their face, you live together? Each to their own.

Thankfully, Facebook lets you unfollow people. This stops them appearing in your timeline, but still lets you see what they’re up to (creep them) if you so wish.

To unfollow someone, hit the Following button on their page and select Unfollow.


Amusing language switch up

You might already know about this one, but you have the ability to change your language. Go to Settings > Language and click on Edit. Obviously, if you don’t speak Japanese then you may immediately regret changing it to that and spend the next 30 minutes trying to change it back. But you can switch to Pirate or Upside Down English!


Relationship nostalgia trip

See all posts that you’ve tagged each other in over the years, then you can show them all the slightly embarrassing, very random posts you posted when you were a teenager.

Go to www.facebook.com/us. This will display all of the shared and tagged content that includes you both.


Save a post for viewing later

Want to read a post on Facebook but don’t have time right now? You can save it for later. Click the down arrow at the top-right of the post and click Save link. This will send the story to your Saved folder which appears in the sidebar on the left.


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