The 10 Best Incredibly Stylish Planners On Etsy

We kind of have a planner obsession here at CGD. Is it obvious? A girl can’t go wrong with a stylish planner. Luckily we’ve trawled our fave marketplace, Etsy, and have come up with a list of the most stylish planners we could find! Now there’s no excuse to get organised and run the world!

#1 #Girlboss planner by TheBloggersPlannerCo


You know you’re a #Girlboss, but does everybody else know it too? With this super stylish, minimalistic planner they will! It’s so cute and comes with a yearly view, monthly and daily view, a space for your notes, ideas, wishlists and daily to-dos. You can also ask the seller to put whatever you want on the front of it for no extra cost. Adorable!

#2 A5 Marbled Planner by SkandiDesign

Anything marbled is a sure winner, this cute, lightweight, undated planner is perfect for girls who prefer minimalism over detail. Each page is split into a table for you to write your notes, add stickers, stamps, tape or whatever you like in and you won’t be ashamed to carry it around in your bag!

#3 Just A Girl Boss Absolutely Rocking It 2016 Planner by daynaleecollection

Another perfect planner for us, we NEED to declare our girl boss status all over the world. This beautiful weekly planner will remind you of how awesome you are every time you open it. This adorable planner ships out on September 25th so pre-order it now and try to contain your excitement until it arrives.

#4 2015 – 2016 Personalization Planner by BelleRousseurDesigns

This is the mother of all planners! If you’re looking for a planner that’s more ‘you’, you might love this one. You can choose your cover design by browsing the rest of the shop (there are hundreds), add what wording or name you want on the cover, pick the layout of your planner from four beautiful choices and add any additional extras you want in your awesome planner before it arrives. Nobody will steal your planner if it has your name on the front cover!

#5 A6 Weekly Planner by DubuDumo

If you’re looking for something super cute and personalisable, this mini weekly planner is for you. It comes with a weekly overview, plus an in depth look at each day complete with check boxes for all your to-dos, and there’s plenty of space to stick pretty stickers or photographs in!

#6 Printable Weekly Calendar by ClementineCreative

If what you need is something a bit more minimalistic to put on your desk and fill in, you might like this weekly calendar from ClementineCreative. Elegantly designed and available as an instant download for you to print out as many times as you want, this is perfect for desk organisation.

#7 2016 Floral Planner by 1Canoe2

This cute and original agenda will fit right in with the contents of your handbag. The gold tones are super stylish, there’s a manila pocket at the front of the book for important items, and each month is divided with inspirational quotes in a hand-lettered design. There are also sections for writing your notes, contacts, and a calendar for important holidays!

#8 Quit Slacking, Make Shit Happen Planner by ninjandninj

Rude, but true. If you need a quick slap to get working, this planner will do that for you every time you look at the front cover. There’s a pocket in the front which is super handy for all your papers, monthly and weekly overviews and it even comes with stickers!

#9 2016 Rule The World Weekly Planner by SugarandType

Pre-order this beautiful glossy planner for motivation and inspiration to be the best you can possibly be. This planner is practical (spill proof covers) and stylish, with career girl worthy quotes “There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure” – Sophia Amoruso. This planner is split into amazing sections from, plans to make the month awesome, to meals and to-dos, and comes with a great overview for writing down all your important plans!

#10 2015 – 2016 Personalized Planner by posypaper

Another beautiful planner that you can add your name to, this confetti covered planner features a custom cover, 12 month monthly and weekly view, five notes pages and a pouch at the back for all your important documents. You can also choose the month that this planner begins from, so if you order it now to start in September or October you can get stuck right in!

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