10 Notebooks That Will Make Your Productivity Skyrocket


There is nothing in life better than a crisp, fresh, unspoiled notebook. I’m obsessed. When I go into a stationery store I take a big deep breath of that fresh paper smell and start to get motivated to get sh*t done. My notebook has run out and I’m ready to get some fresh inspiration, write all my goals down in a book and feel super productive!

Ready to go notebook shopping? Here are some of my favorite notebooks at the moment.

1. The Ultimate Blog Plan

The Ultimate Blog Plan available here.

Ok so while this isn’t technically a notebook, I’m a little biased and so this one tops every list. It’s not just all about blogging, it’s a complete reinvention of who you are online. Whether you’re starting a business, becoming an influencer, already have a business, blogging, or just want to know how to make money on that strange and beautiful creature we call the world wide web. With plenty of space for notes, prompts, and inspiration exercises, plus strategies and mistakes to avoid, this is the best handbook for success online! Buy it here.

2. Goals Journal 

Goals Journal available here.

Ready to set some goals? This notebook has plenty of space to write down everything you want to achieve, plus some thought-provoking exercises and inspirational quotes to keep you on track. It’s seriously cool if you need an extra boost of motivation. Buy it here.

3. Leopard Print Notebook

Kate Spade Leopard Print Notebook available here.

Trust Kate Spade to come up with an effortlessly chic notebook that has plenty of space to get creative and still has the fresh, crisp, promise of an unbroken notebook. Ready to embrace your inner editor? Buy it here. 

4. The Productivity Planner 

Productivity Plan Journal available here.

Ready to be super productive? This productivity planner will remind you to get sh*t done, it’s laid out in a Pomodoro style work system to free you of distractions and increase your work performance. This book is for you if you struggle to stay focused. Buy it here.

5. Create your life plan

The Life Plan Notebook available here.

Ready to create your life plan? This notebook has plenty of space to write around the 100 pages of thought-provoking exercises that will more than just encourage you to write. They’ll encourage you to make a plan, stick to it, and get sh*t done. Ready to change your life? Buy it here.

7. The classic marble notebook

Marble Notebook available here.

What’s more inspiring than a classic marble notebook? This one is an instant sell-out for a reason, with lines, dots, and space for more focused to-do lists, it’s the prettiest thing you’ll carry with you and looks cool no matter where you’re going to take notes! Buy it here.

8. Ideas Can Happen Anywhere

Ideas Can Happen Anywhere Notebook available here.

If you want a notebook that reminds you to fill it with your brilliant ideas, this is the one for you. Beautifully designed, this quirky little book will have you writing every single business idea down without worrying that you’re not making any sense. After all, ideas can happen anywhere! Buy it here.

9. Live The Life You’ve Imagined book

Live The Life You’ve Imagined Journal available here.

This is another book that’s more than just a notebook. It’s an inspiring book that challenges you to live the life you’ve imagined. It’s not just full of prompts and beautiful pictures either, you’ve got creative control over the notes you make, tasks you take on and things you want to get done! Buy it here.

10. The Five-Minute Journal

The Five-Minute Journal available here.

Only got five minutes to make a difference? This journal is for the busiest people who want to take control of their lives. With the structured 5-minute format, you can journal and write in literally no time at all, and the science behind this book means that you will feel happier the more you use it, as it encourages you to complain less and enjoy life! Who knew a notebook could be so clever? Buy it here.



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  1. I’m obsessed with notebooks! It’s taking all my self control not to drop like $100 from this post right now

  2. I’m a sucker for a good notebook, and as my motivation is seriously waning at the moment I’m definitely going to check out a few of these.
    I’ve started a blog too so the ultimate blog plan is perfect!
    Please check it out, feedback welcome! https://darcyadventures.wordpress.com/

  3. All of these are gorgeous! I love notebooks. I could never have enough of them <3

    Hannah | Stories Of A Telescope

  4. These are awesome and motivating notebooks. Would love to have one. Nice post :)

    Homed: Life in Sugar & Spice

  5. such an interesting blog post! this is the first time i ve heard about the Create Your Life Notebook and the Ultimate Blog Plan! So cool x

  6. I love using journals/planners! Such great tools for keeping you on track, brainstorm unique content and get back in touch with yourself.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on The Life Plan Notebook!
    Check out: https://take-note.ca/productivity-books/ to see my picks for the best books that promote productivity

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