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Our Favorite Books To Cosy Up With On A Cold Day!

large (3)Okay, so we’re a little bit bookish here at CGD, we just can’t help creating lists upon lists of our fave books. Although it’s not actually fall yet, the weather is really taking a turn for the worse here at CGD HQ and we can’t stop thinking of ways to get cosy. Here are 10 books to help you cosy up with on a cold day.

1. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education And Was Shot By The Taliban written by Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is the girl who refused to be silenced and stood up for her right to an education. Malala was on the bus home when she was shot in the head for speaking out against the Taliban. This inspiring story shows the journey of Malala and her family fighting for a hugely important cause – the education of women. This story will teach you to appreciate the simplest things.

2. Eat, Pray, Love written by Elizabeth Gilbert

Unhappy with life, Elizabeth Gilbert has everything most American women would dream of, yet she is bored with her mundane days. Putting her life on pause, Gilbert travels across the world for a year, visiting Italy, India and Indonesia to bring some meaning to her life. This highly enjoyable read may help you to find your inner love for travelling.

3. Bridget Jones’ Diary written by Helen Fielding

A truly classic book all women must read. The trials and tribulations of journalist Bridget Jones are pure hilarity, the pages are filled with good giggles and mistakes that we all make – and Bridget certainly makes us feel OK with making them. Though hopefully our clumsiness level is lower than Miss Jones’…

4. The Diary Of Anne Frank written by Anne Frank

This is the tragic story of a Jewish family that were hiding from the Nazi’s for almost two years, and is documented by 13 year old Anne Frank. Anne’s story gives us the best view of the worst of the world from her young and naive perspective. A must read to bring insight into the travesty of World War II, and make you realise all the good things you have in your life.

5. The Help written by Kathryn Stockett

The Help is a book that sheds light on the difficulties black women faced in 1960’s America. The story documents three women who are determined to start a new movement of their own, which forever changes their town, and the way mothers, daughters, sisters and friends view one another. A story of hope, humour and hard times, this is a timeless book highlighting the rules we all abide by, and those some of us don’t.

6. Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen

One of the most popular books ever written, Pride and Prejudice is one of Jane Austen’s best novels. This is a story of a young women who falls in love with a rude insolent rich man, and showcases their struggle to admit their true feelings for one another, leaving you speechless and wanting to find a Mr Darcy of your own.

7. The Woman I Wanted To Be written by Dianne Von Furstenberg

Dianne Von Furstenberg, one of the most influential women of our time, offers a book describing the type of woman she wanted to become before her fashion career took off. In her words, Dianne wanted to be “the kind of woman who is independent, and doesn’t rely on a man to pay her bills.” This is definitely the kind of woman we want to become too – independent and successful. Check.

8. Michelle Obama: A Life written by Peter Slevin

As Peter Slevin follows the First Lady through the White House, we see another charming side to Michelle Obama. Devoted, motivated and building a family with one of the most famous men in the world, this biography is a fresh and compelling view of a woman with an abundance of achievements who holds a massive purpose in today’s society. Girl power!

9. The Bell Jar written by Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath’s only published novel, The Bell Jar, is a semi-autobiographical novel covering a character’s descent into mental illness. Plath suffered from probable clinical depression, and this book describes a talented woman trying to fight an oppressing condition. This deeply moving story sheds light on the seriousness of mental illness.

10. The Pursuit of Happyness written by Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner, now a hugely successful motivational speaker, author and stockbroker, was once a homeless and single father. He published his autobiography in 2006, detailing his rise to success from determining to start a better life for his son. His book has been adapted into a Hollywood blockbuster film starring father and son Will and Jaden Smith. This inspiring story will leave you determined to find success in your own life.

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Holly is a coffee lover, dog whisperer and aspiring runner. She enjoys travelling, spending time with her family and reading classic novels.


  1. Lexi Smith says

    Thank you for these book recommendations! I am a bookie too so I always love seeing different book recommendations. I always get so overwhelmed with how many book choices there are!

  2. LisaLDN says

    Oh, so many great tips! Can’t wait for it to get darker outside so I can snuggle up with one of these! :)

  3. Angasa says

    read Bridget Jones’s Diary last week and loved it. One of the funniest characters ever! I’m onto the sequel now. Would love to sit down with any one of your recommendations.

  4. Camille says

    I’ve read most of those books and true, they all are great ! Mine currently is “the art of racing in the rain”, it’s brilliant ! Perfect for this autumn mood I think !

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