10 Common Interview Questions – And How To Answer Them

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Interviews can be nerve-wracking and there’s a lot of pressure on everything. Your outfit, the way you conduct yourself, body language and that’s not even the worst part- you actually have to answer questions and try to sell yourself.

But we’ve got you covered so you can stay cool and collected…

‘Why should we hire you’
Probably the most common question of them all, asking you to lay all your cards out on the table and create the best employee your interviewer can imagine can be daunting. Make sure you know what the role entails and think about what skills you have to have to get the job done. Explain how you possess those skills, using examples of any experience you can think of and you’ll be on your way.
‘What are your strengths?’
Now, no one likes arrogance, but your employer can only be confident in you if you’re confident in yourself. Think about what your friends would say your best asset is and apply it to the working world. Try to make it relevant to the role and pick two or three that you think make you stand out above the rest.
‘What are your weaknesses?’
On the flip side, being able to identify weaknesses within yourself shows that you can overcome problems. Not being afraid to admit when you’re wrong is always a good thing when it comes to making mistakes at work, so don’t be afraid to admit your weaknesses. Just make sure they are honest, we’re all too aware that nobody’s perfect. Own it, show them that you’re working on it and it’ll be fine.
‘What would you do, if you get the job, to improve things?’
This is a tricky one, as you don’t want to come along and point out all the flaws in the company you’re applying to work for. There’s a reason you chose to apply, chances are you love the company but everything needs improvement. Be bold and constructive and offer a fresh perspective, showing your initiative and thought process.
You can say you wouldn’t change anything, but you would bring certain skills and perspectives if this makes you uncomfortable.
‘What is your greatest achievement?’
There are many things you’re probably proud of, but managing to keep the plants (and cat) alive whilst house sitting isn’t one to mention here. Think about things that display your skill set and traits that you can apply to the job.
‘Why do you want to work for us?’
Whoever said flattery gets you nowhere hasn’t had this question asked in an interview. Obviously, avoid being smarmy and take the tactical approach. Do your research on the company and figure out what they stand for and then align it with some of your beliefs, or ask yourself what made this particular role so enticing, keeping it professional.
‘What made you apply for this job?’
If you chose to apply in the first place, you’ll know the answer to this question. Leave out the gory details if it was down to an awful boss or colleague – and if that’s the only reason, saying you wanted a change is always a safe bet, backing this up with reasons why this new role suits and excites you.
‘What are your goals?’
Ok, we’re talking mostly career goals here so don’t start daydreaming about colour schemes in your new house. The interviewer won’t be interested or take you seriously. Discuss progression within the company but don’t push for a promotion before you even have the job and remember that they don’t have to be long term goals.
‘What do you enjoy most when working?’
This will give your employer a chance to see what you’re like and what you’re looking for in the workplace. Try to relate examples of previous work or other things that you’ve done to the question, to show what you enjoy most and how this can be applied to your new role.
‘Do you have any questions?’
Always make sure you’re ready with some questions. Even if you don’t feel as though you have any burning questions, it shows you have an interest in the role and are engaged. It could be anything from what you can expect a normal day to be like to which duties they want you to carry out.
The Career Girl in you will flourish if you do your homework on the company, think about what you want out of work and express that well and convey your personality. Above all, don’t sound too rehearsed, let it flow naturally and remember that the questions aren’t there to catch you out.
Written by Scarlet Emily Hannington

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