10 Things Every Organized Woman Has On Her Desk



Organizing your house and your desk can be a serious task. I know I’m making plans this weekend to start getting my house to where I want it to be, but it’s a never-ending project. At work, I like my desk to reflect the work I’m doing – so nice and organized, minimalistic, and free from chaos.

But that’s often easier said than done! Don’t worry though, I’ve been hunting high and low for the essentials that the most organized women make sure to have on their desk. Ready to make some magic happen and get to work? Here are some desk essentials you need to check out now.


Getting Things Done Planner available here

Every organized woman needs a good planner that will help her structure her day. The Getting Things Done planner will not only help you plan out your to-dos and daily tasks but will help you take care of yourself, too. With sections for self-care, water tracking and meal prepping – you’ll finally be on top of your life. Buy it here.


Alyssa Tray Top Organizer available here

With all your papers and things that can easily collect on your desk, you need an organizer that’s minimalistic and can hold all your things. This modern tray top organizer will help your desk stay tidy. Buy it here.


H&M Home Large Metal Wire Basket available here.

H&M has a variety of wire baskets and boxes that you can use for storage under your desk and on top of it. I think this is a genius way to store magazines and papers and is a chic way of storing loose papers. Buy it here.


Connor #XOXO Paperweight available here

Just because you’re organized, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. If you have a lot of papers on your desk, use a paperweight to keep important papers where they need to be. This #XOXO paperweight is super cute and will help you create desk goals. Buy it here.


Kate Spade Office Supply Kit available here

This kit contains everything you could possibly need, so you’ll never have to scramble through drawers looking for paperclips again. To be organized, everything needs to have its place – and this kit is definitely organization goals. Buy it here.


Deny Wooden Tray available here

If you prefer to shy away from golds and keep your things in a tray, these wooden trays from Urban Outfitters are perfect. You can stack them, use them to store keepsakes, sunglasses, desk nail polish, and small notecards and papers. Buy it here.


Message Board & Magnet Set available here

Always forgetting things? This message board and magnet set will help you stay on top of not only your knick-knacks but the important things you can’t forget. Buy it here.



Kate Spade Acrylic Tape Dispenser available here

Keeping your tape in a stylish dispenser on your desk adds to the overall vibe that you’ve got it together and everything is in its rightful place. This one adds a touch of luxury to any situation. Buy it here.


Clear Folder Organizer available here

If you’re anything like me and at risk of drowning under paper, it’s a good idea to get an organizer that can separate your papers and folders and keep them in one handy place. Forget tacky binders, this one will give people reason to envy your desk for real. Buy it here.


ClipNotes Desk Organizer available here

Post it notes everywhere reminding you to do things? This gold giant paperclip will hold all your important notes and reminders in one place where you can glance at them without sticking them all over your computer. Genius. Buy it here.


How do you organize your desk?


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