10 Easy Meals You Can Make For One Person

Cooking for one can be experimental, fun, and amazing. You don’t have to take anybody else’s tastes into consideration. But it can also be time-consuming. There’s a tendency to order in or try unhealthy subscriptions as a substitute for easy meals you can whip up after work.

If you want to feed your soul and impress guests with these recipes whenever they come over. Try making these meals this week – we guarantee you’ll be impressed.



1. Grilled chicken with avocado 




I love recipes that you can make extra of and take to work, this grilled chicken with avocado is super simple to make and prepare (it only takes 22 minutes max) and you can make enough to freeze or take with you to work. This chicken is SO GOOD, with honey, garlic, balsamic vinegar, avocado, and mozzarella. Delicious. Find the full recipe here.


2. Lemon & Kale Detox Salad 




When you feel like eating healthier, it shouldn’t be hard work. This detox salad is super simple and delicious. To cut down if you’re still feeling a bit stuffed from Christmas, just grab some kale, quinoa, and get cracking on this recipe. You can scale it back to make a small salad, or make extra to take with you to work. Find the recipe here.


3. Salmon Teriyaki 




If you’re craving something oriental, put the takeaway menu down and instead make yourself a bowl of this gorgeous salmon teriyaki. This one takes a little longer than the others, so it’s perfect to make on a Sunday evening. Rice, salmon, avocado, and homemade teriyaki sauce set this recipe apart. Perfect comfort food. Find the full recipe here.


4. Turkish Egg and Quinoa Bowl 




While this recipe is traditionally a ‘breakfast bowl’ it also serves as a pretty fab lunch or light dinner, too. It takes 30 minutes to make and is seriously delicious, quinoa and vegetables together with a nice runny egg on top will make anyone’s day. Find the full recipe here.


5. Thai Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl 




Buddha bowls are back! This one is the perfect recipe for one, it takes 20 minutes to prepare, and requires carrots, avocado, onions, herbs, and rice. Most of the ingredients you’ll have in your cupboard already. Find this easy recipe here.


6. Mango Thai Curry 




There is nothing better than a warming curry in the middle of winter, and this one will hit all the right spots. With ginger and red chili, it’s perfect if you feel a cold coming on, rich, warming and fresh. Make extra of this one, it’ll impress any guests you have over. Find the full recipe here.


7. Vegan Caesar Salad 




If you’ve had your fill of food documentaries and want to give being vegan a go, it’s actually easier than it seems. This vegan Caesar salad with chickpeas is the perfect light dinner to get your detox back on track or kickstart a vegan diet. You need to try this vegan salad dressing, it’s divine. Find the recipe here.


8. Zucchini Pesto Pizza




Takeaway pizza is oh so tempting, but it’s actually super easy to make your own at home. It’ll save you money, it’s healthier, and it tastes just as good. You can buy a flatbread or pizza dough yourself and follow this recipe to create your own healthy and delicious pizza. Find the recipe here.


9. Vegan Ratatouille Spaghetti




For those days where all you want is something comforting, try this vegan and gluten-free ratatouille. It’s hearty, delicious, and better for you than pasta and store-bought sauce. It only takes 22 minutes to make and will give you a little lift in the evening. Find the full recipe here.


10. Harissa Tomato Soup 




I have the same tomato soup most days for lunch because you just can’t go wrong with it. This recipe is delicious, and you can accompany it with skinny Parsnip fries too. It’s a classic that tastes amazing on a cold, rainy evening. Find the full recipe here.

Trying any of these meals this week? Let us know! 



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  1. Apologies – they maybe healthy and for one but, this one isn’t eating them. I know I can do healthy but nicer more interesting and tasty dishes to look forward to when I eat.

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