10 Simple Rituals That Will Make Monday Your Favorite Day Of The Week


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Even if you adore your job, you still kind of dread Monday morning. Mostly because you enjoy the space, relaxation and much-needed time off a weekend can give you.

This dread tends to suck all of the joy out of your Sunday. It’s so unfair really, we only get two days off a week and one of them is spent stressing about your work week to-do list! But it doesn’t have to be quite so depressing. Here are a few easy things to do on Sunday that will make Monday the absolute best day of the week!

Make Sunday count. 

First of all, make Sunday feel more like the weekend so you don’t feel robbed. Go out to happy hour drinks or brunch. Catch up with a friend (not from your work) or go to the Farmers Market or the beach. Really relax and make it a priority. There’s a whole heap of truth to the saying “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”.

Do something weekend-ish on a Monday!

Crazy right? But it totally works. Turn Monday into a day you actually look forward to by organizing a games night, after work drinks or even a movie date. You’ll find the time flying by and you’ll have something to look forward to! Make sure you organize your Monday night antics on a Sunday to get the ball rolling.

Don’t get overwhelmed, prioritize and organize. 

Monday often brings with an extra large load of things to get done. Your to-do list is never ending, the coffee line is a mile long and you forgot your pre-packed lunch. Instead of feeling swamped, figure out the most pressing issues and prioritize them then work methodically through the rest of your list.

Dress up a little bit more! 

Make your Monday feel different by going into the office a little dressier. You’ll be surprised how your colleagues’ compliments make you anticipate Mondays a bit! Lay out your clothes on Sunday night to make getting dressed even quicker!

Make your water interesting.

I think we all know now to drink our eight glasses every day, but plain water can get a tad boring. Instead, slice up some fruit or veggies on a Sunday and infuse them in water overnight. You can try using cucumbers, berries, mint and even just classic lemon and lime slices. Hydrating is way more fun now!

Find something new to listen to on your commute.

On Sunday have a bit of a browse of podcasts or Spotify playlists and find some that you know you’ll be dying to listen to come Monday morning.

I listen to podcasts on my way to work and refrain from listening to them on the weekend. That way I actually look forward to my commute every morning!

Eat something different.

Make Sunday your meal prep day! Cooking can be very therapeutic in our busy lives, so put aside some time every Sunday to meal prep for the week ahead.

You can research recipes and try new and exciting meals. Freezable meals are best for lunches and dinners but you could also try your hand at making a batch of overnight oats for breakfast!

Book some fitness classes for the week.

Do you use ClassPass? If you don’t, you should! For a small fee, you can go to all kinds of fitness classes in your preferred city whenever you want! So sit down with the app (or a similar one) and book some classes for the week ahead.

Maybe a pilates or barre class in the beginning of the week to get you feeling strong and toned and a yoga class towards the end to relax after a busy week.

Set an alarm for bedtime.

Wait, what? This is a great tip to help you to start winding down on a Sunday night. Set an alarm for around 9:30pm. By that time you’ll want to have had dinner, hydrated, brushed your teeth and moisturized.

Make sure your sheets are clean!

Is there anything better than crisp, freshly laundered sheets? I always wash my sheets and pajamas on Sunday afternoon. Sliding into bed that night feels amazing and you’ll sleep more soundly.

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  1. One of the hardest things for me is going to bed on time? Wish I could be so good at it but I’m terrible. You guys should make a post about that!??❤️

    x Mila

  2. Organising is so essential! Makes me feel like I am on top of everything. Gotta love clean sheets too ♥

    Amy // snippetsofamy.co.uk

  3. I’m all for making mondays special. I try and save up some of my favourite podcasts to listen to when I’m at work so I have something to look forward to

    – Natalie

  4. I always used to stress when Sundays came around and refrained from fully relaxing! But I love your point on making Sundays count! spot on! x


  5. Love the idea of dressing up a bit more on Mondays. Something about it just inspires an extra heap of confidence, doesn’t it?

  6. Love these ideas!! I always book workout classes on Sunday for the week and it makes me so excited!


  7. Some great tips! It was nice to read a blog that didn’t just say the same thing as every other blog about the same topic, so thanks for that! I’ll take these on board :)

    Helen | The Little Giraffe

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