10 Ways To Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive


We all know girls who can make a simple outfit look ridiculously expensive. Some girls can make cheap finds look like splurges, but fear not, after reading this article you do too.  Here are some simple tricks to make your clothes look more expensive.


credit: Olivia Palermo



1. Choose a simple bag without too much hardware

It is difficult to make cheap embellishment look more expensive. A simple bag is a better choice. In this case less is definitely more. Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel, available here



2. Add gold accessories

The ultimate stylist tip! Add a piece of gold jewelry to make your outfit look more expensive. Make sure to keep it simple and don’t overdo it with cheap looking bracelets or earrings. Initial Pendant Necklace, available here.



6351178-23. Buy cheap shoes in fake suede

Fake suede appears more expensive than fake leather. ASOS Over The Knee Boots, available here.



9457815-600x9204. Polished hair and make up will elevate your look

Polished hair, clean nails, flawless skin—these are the ultimate finishing touches to elevate your look. Charlotte Tilbury Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette. Available here. 



5. Know your fabrics

You can fake style, fabric you cannot. Cheap fabric is always obvious. Stay away from anything that’s more than 20 percent synthetic. Slouchy Striped Sweater, available here


6. Bring your items to a tailor

If  you buy something in the store the fit isn’t always right. Make your clothes look more expensive and bring them to a tailor. It is absolutely worth it. ASOS Oversized Coat, available here



7. Get it in black

Another way to make your clothes look more expensive is your choice of color. Black is the perfect color to look slim but also hides other cheap-looking signs. ASOS Wrap Blouse, available here

489472_in_pp8. Get stains out as soon as you can

Treat a stain while it’s fresh. New York brand The Laundress’ eco-friendly fabric-care solutions are not only highly effective but biodegradable, too. This compact travel pack comprises a miniature stain-remover, crease-remover and static-solver as well as a clothing freshener scented with essential oils. We love the thoughtful embroidered drawstring laundry bag – perfect for vacations. Available here



9. Take care of your footwear

Treat your shoes every now and then with a major cleaning and replace the heels. Nothing is worse than worn or broken heels.

10.  Invest in accessories

A beautiful watch like this leather and rose plated one from Larsson & Jennings  will make your outfit look more expensive.




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  • Becca

    Beaut collection of tips! Thanks girls, steamer on the B’day list, good idea :) xx


  • Eden

    Great tips, never thought about replacing buttons, good idea!


  • Abbie

    This is a GREAT post!! So many awesome tips!

  • Xa

    I wouldn’t mind looking cheap, as long as I don’t act cheap.
    Great effective tips though.

  • Fernweh Society

    Good tip on tailoring! I think another thing to add is “Don’t forget to tailor your investment pieces as well !” If you spent lots of money on an item but don’t go the extra mile to tailor them, they end up looking cheap too, which would be a real shame.

    Thanks again!

  • Rita

    These are great tips, Thanks for sharing! :)
    – Rita

  • Sophie

    Awesome tips! Thank you :)

    Sophie | http://www.thesophasaurus.com

  • Jaqueline Ribeiro

    I loved the tips and found pretty cool.

  • annie lee

    amazing tips! i agree, investing in something else (for me, bags) totally help elevate your entire outfit :)


    AMAZING advices! So useful!

    THANK YOU!!!


  • Athiya

    very nice post.. I would love to look stylish with rich attitude.

  • Saria

    I like this post! It is well needed for a fresh graduate Civil Engineer like Myself haha!!

    The Chronic Dreamer

  • Natasha

    Loved the simple bag and replacing buttons tips – will definitely apply!


  • Robyn

    Such a handy post – thank you! The button tip is a brilliant one. I actually found a packet of DIY fabric buttons in Tiger the other day for a couple of quid – I’ve only tried making one so far and to my amazement it looks brilliant! So I may make more of those and replace the existing ones on a few cheap items; instant rejuvenation :)

    Also great tip about how much better fake suede looks than fake leather. I never thought about that before but you’re absolutely right . . .

  • diane

    Great post! Love the idea of replacing buttons and your ‘green’ stain remover is also a must try!

  • Marilyn

    Love the button idea. What would you consider a good steamer?

  • mila

    awesome post :) very useful

  • Hannah

    Oh I love the button idea! I never thought of that (: and I like how choosing your own buttons can make the garment more personalized. Great tips!

  • Jenn Bagley

    I loved this article. Thank you for the great tips! I just started a blog and I wrote an article of five easy fashion pieces that will make you feel richer than you are. bowsandfringe.com

  • Marla Martenson

    I love these tips. I often wear a 15 dollar skirt and t-shirt with nice shoes and a Chanel bag, looks super classy!

  • claire

    Replacing the buttons is definitely a great thing to do. Zara do some great coats and jackets and you can really amp up the style on them when you put fancy buttons on them. I’d love to buy a steamer so if you’ve got a good one, do let us know the make! I also think plain colours rather than patterns tend to look more expensive if you’re on a budget. And making sure you wear the right underwear!! Nothing’s worse than seeing a knicker line underneath the clothes :0)
    Claire http://www.beautyandthegoss.com

  • Triin

    Steamer is such a great idea, not sure why I never thought of it before. Makes so much sense.

  • Hannah

    I love this! Especially number 1 as I’d never thought of it x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  • Alice

    My daughter has the knack of mixing a Target item with a Nordstrom purchase and she looks so put-together and expensive. She’s a size 20. She doesn’t scrimp on shoes or handbags.

  • beeba

    Thanks for this post and finally justification for a steamer.


  • A moody thing

    Another tip for this list is fresh and styled hair, a neat make-up and confident bearing, works always)))


  • Jen

    I have been using a steamer for the past several years: I think it is a must for every household. It saves me tons on dry cleaning plus no chemicals. And since I wear business attire to work, it makes my outfits look polished and sharp. A tip for buying a steamer: don’t buy the cheapest ones out there, they stop working in less then a year. A good mid price one will last you a while.

  • Jeni

    #10 is bible to me! I never hesitate about buying a staple accessory. Great tips! As a fashion blogger, these are good things to remember.


  • Sam

    I love all these tips. I’m going to get a steamer!


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