10 Foods to Boost Your Energy Every Morning

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Are you a morning person? You know the type… get up an’ go first thing, doesn’t even need a coffee person. Or are you kind of, well, not a morning person? Trust us, we understand the struggles of the morning all too well. Sometimes, you need that little extra something that will give your energy a boost. And we’ve found something really easy that you can get straight from your breakfast. But first, it’s time to break up with the coffee and bagel, and trade them in for 10 foods that will really get you going in the morning!

1. Yogurt

Add a dollop of yogurt to your breakfast to get a great boost of calcium and a huge dose or probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria that can help to facilitate changes in the microflora of the gut and enhance the body’s immune system. They help to keep your gut healthy, which in turn leads to you getting the most out of the food you consume and helping to fight fatigue.

2. Blueberries

The king of fruits provides great amounts of fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. These phytonutrients play a huge role in preventing disease and keep the body running normally. Blueberries also have high levels of vitamin C, cancer-fighting properties, they improve heart health and boost brain function and cognitive health.

3. Salmon

Salmon? For breakfast? Sure why not! Pop it on toast or a bagel because it’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids which have been found to help lower cholesterol. Salmon is also high in protein, vitamin B6, niacin and riboflavin – if you don’t know what the last few do, don’t worry, basically they help to convert food into energy. Just the thing you want first thing in the morning!

4. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been used by Aztec and Mayans for millennia. They contain high amounts of Omega-3 as well as soluble fibre. Chia seeds can balance blood sugar and are a complete protein allowing for more sustainable energy. Along with that they contain minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

5. Mushrooms

My favourite thing in a morning fry-up! One cup of mushrooms provides almost 50 per cent of your daily serving of iron – which is essential in transporting oxygen within the bloodstream. Without an efficient oxygen supply to our major organs, we can often feel fatigued and lethargic, so it also works as a nice little energy booster #winning

6. Bananas

Bananas as we know them still are one of the best energy and nutrition sources around. Their many benefits include the fact that they’re high in both antioxidants and potassium, they provide relief from heartburn and acid reflux, and they can act as a pre-biotic to grow healthy bacteria.

7. Spinach

Spinach is extremely high in iron, magnesium and potassium. Magnesium plays a vital role in producing energy, and paired with potassium enables effective digestion in the stomach and the regulation of nerve and muscle function. Add some fresh spinach to your  eggs for breakfast. If you think you have enough spinach, think again Just keep adding it!

8. Eggs

If you can get some farm fresh, free range, non hormone treated chicken eggs you have a great morning food for energy. Eggs are packed with an almost perfect source of protein, vitamin B2, B12, A, D and E, calcium and iron.

9. Oatmeal/Porridge

It has high levels of soluble fibre, protein, can lower cholesterol and can help control blood pressure. I would say it is by far the best choice of all grains. I would suggest gluten free oats for as a healthier option, that won’t irritate your stomach and keep you fighting fit for longer.



How is your breakfast helping you through the day? 

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  1. Oats with blueberries and banana is one of my favourite winter breakfasts. Green smoothies are a great way to get spinach in too! ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy

  2. I eat so many of these things regularly. I love greek yogurt and blueberries. My usual breakfast is a smoothie bowl with a banana, greek yogurt and strawberries, topped with granola. My lunch tends to be eggs and spinach and feta cheese (for a little salt). I always feel so full after both of those meals and also ready to continue the day!

    Great post!

    Chris | http://www.ilovequietsundays.com

  3. I love eating porridge with chia seed and berries – such a great start to my day!
    Izzy | Pinch of delight

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