10 Foods You Should Eat Every Day To Stay Healthy

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We all know that eating a balanced diet is one of the key cornerstones of staying healthy. Yet sometimes it’s easier said than done! On the go lifestyles, mixed marketing messages and conflicting information on the latest superfoods and foodie nasties can make it tempting to just stick to what you know but adding these ten foods to you diet can help you stay healthy. Better still, they’re easily incorporated into your day and often a lot better for you budget than food fads. Bon appetite!

1. Blueberries

Not just for your morning muffins, a portion of blueberries a day can boost your vitamin K and fiber intake. They’ve also been linked to lowering the risk of heart attacks in women and improving memory. Pass the punnet…

2. Garlic

Not ideal for first dates or vampire fanatics but garlic is golden for everyone else! Garlic had natural antibacterial properties and can help fight inflammation. Crushed garlic is the most nutrient dense way to get it into your diet but don’t risk losing precious vitamins by over cooking it.

3. Olive Oil

These heroic food additions are one of the foundations of the Mediterranean diet, often hailed as one of the healthiest diets in the world. Drizzle on salads but don’t go crazy as it’s packed with calories as well as goodies.

4. Broccoli

Stacked with bone- building vitamins K and C, there’s a reason every parent tries to get their kids to eat Broccoli! Try sautéed with lemon juice and a handful of almonds for a quick side dish that hits the spot for flavor as well as nutrition!

5. Yogurt

Packed with probiotics, yogurt can help regulate your digestive system which in turn regulates everything else! As well as good for snacking on, yogurt can also be used a versatile cooking ingredient and even the base for a homemade face mask!

6. Oats

From humble porridge bowls to fancy flapjacks, try to incorporate Oats into your diet as they help keep you fuller for longer. Better still they are a nutritional powerhouse containing vitamin B, folic acid, protein manganese, and magnesium, as well as other minerals. They’re budget friendly too!

7. Seeds

Seeds contain a trinity of protein, healthy fats and fiber, making them an ideal addition to your 11 am snack menu. They also blitz up wonderfully in smoothies and add extra crunch to your salads.

8. Tea

The antioxidants in tea offer protection from heart disease, stroke, and cancer. You can have a cup of matcha or green tea a day, and you’ll be healthier in an instant. Just beware of too much caffeine!

9. Lemons

Lemons contain 100% of your daily vitamin C and are a kitchen ingredient staple. Add a slice of lemon to your water in the morning and you’ll be setting yourself up for the day ahead. They’re incredibly alkalizing too, helping to reset your body from the inside out with an anti-inflammatory boost.

10. Dark chocolate

Because we refuse to write a list about food that doesn’t include chocolate, especially chocolate proven to help lower blood high pressure!


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  1. I need to start adding lemons into my water again, I did that for the longest time and stopped, not sure why, though.

    I eat most of these already, which is great (and I’m obsessed with garlic). I can’t drink tea, though. I just can’t manage to gag it down, which is unfortunate, but I have other drinks with some green tea in it, so I’m getting at least some benefit there.


  2. Blueberries are so good, especially on porridge oats, ticking two things off!

  3. I love a cup of yogurt, granola and blueberries in the morning for breakfast =o)


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