10 Apps You Need On Your Phone Right Now




As much as we might protest, in this day and age, we need our phones for literally everything. We so heavily rely on them for organizing our lives and living better! and I’m sure you can agree, but there’s nothing better than a great new app that does just the trick! Whether you’re looking to tone up, save money or improve your sleep, you can be sure that there’s an app for that! So, here’s a rundown of the ten great apps you need on your phone right now:


1. For a new and improved healthier lifestyle:



BetterMe is an easy and effective at-home weight loss app for women. Offering a tailored twenty-eight-day meal plan and workouts to help activate your metabolism and make better health choices with less effort. You can tone up without a costly gym membership or without having to any planning at all! Download it here.


2. For the best night sleep of your life:



Sleep Cycle

Continuously rated as the best smart alarm clock, Sleep Cycle is now the worlds most used alarm clock with a difference. Waking up is truly made easy with this app! It analyses your sleep and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase. So it’s an amazing natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed! Download it here.


3. Manage your money better:


To all those independent women doing it if for themselves! This app is a lifesaver! Allowing you to organize your finances, it deals with the numbers and ensures you’ll never make a late payment again! Keep track of all your finances and download it here.


4. Listen on the go:




This app is perfect for women on the go! You can keep all your favorite books logged for entertainment when commuting, driving or running errands! So, if you feel like you haven’t got the time to put your feet up with a book but still want to tick off your reading bucket list, then Audible is a great place to begin! Download it here.


5. Be frugal and save some pennies:




Who doesn’t like to save while they shop? And with RetailMeNot, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing! With cashback offers, discount gift cards and deals for your favorite stores both in-store and online. Print off coupons or utilize online shopping codes for everything from food, to fashion, beauty products, and car rentals! Download it here.


6. Micromanage your time



If you need to micromanage your time to get things done then the 30/30 will really help you out! It follows the premise that most of the day’s tasks fall into a 5-30 minute time frame, breaking the day into easy-to-handle half-hour chunks, which allows you to plan and manage your time better. We personally use it! Will you? Download it here.


7. Build the ultimate playlist:


Pandora Music

Pandora gives you a personalized music experience. It evolves with your tastes, creating stations from your favorite songs, artists, and genres. Alternatively, search the browser to find recommended stations for your mood or activity! For a music station that’s more tailored to you download it here.


8. Never miss a sale again:


Hafta Have

Do you have a champagne taste but a beer budget? Never fear, Hafta Have is for you! You can favorite items you desperately want but can’t afford online by simply scanning the barcode online or in-store! This saves them for later and then notifies you when they go on sale. You can even filter it so you only get notified when your size is on the sale! Download it here.


9. Take your Insta to the next level:




Want to take your pictures from beginner to gallery-worthy? VSCO lets you shoot, edit and post photos to its community! A favorite with photographers, it offers users a uniquely high-level grade of tools for the most impressive of photos! Editing your photos with the app will give your Instagram photos the edge they need to be a success! Download it here.


10. Master the downward facing dog:



Pocket Yoga

The is probably the easiest way to get into yoga! So, if you’re a complete beginner like me and yoga is one of your top priorities for 2018 then you need to try this app! Pocket Yoga lets you keep up with your practice at your own pace. It guides you through twenty-seven sessions, ranging in difficulty and duration so you can get your flex on! Download it here.


What are your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments below…



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