10 Health Mistakes You Make In Your Twenties


We all try to be healthy. This generation is probably the most health conscious, we eat better, we are passionate about organic food, we try to stay in shape and move more and we know the importance of drinking water.

But there are still some crucial mistakes you might be making during your journey to better health! Keep an eye out for them, and keep going!

You don’t strengthen your bones

At our age, it’s unlikely that we’ll have to deal with bone problems but to avoid developing them later on in life it’s recommended that you have at least 1000mg of calcium a day to avoid any problems with bones later on in life. Don’t go drinking thousands of glasses of milk, you can get calcium in the form of calcium-rich foods, supplements and dairy products.

You aren’t getting enough iron

Iron is so important, we need about 14.8mg a day which we don’t always get. Make sure you include meat, dried fruits, leafy greens and beans into your diet – if you don’t eat many iron-rich foods you can always take an iron supplement too! Many people I know are anaemic and didn’t even know it until they went to the doctor!

You never think about your heart

No, I’m not talking about Tinder, this time, I’m talking about the fact that we always assume heart problems are for the elderly. Yet women are three times more likely to die of heart disease than they are of breast cancer! While it is true women over 40 should make regular doctor appointments to check their cholesterol, there’s a great deal of things we can do now to reduce our risks! Check your family history with your doctor, exercise three to four times a week and enjoy a balanced diet to reduce your risks.

You don’t get enough fibre

Does anyone even eat prunes anymore? Gross, right. But your Grandma was right, fibre is great for your digestion, but it can also help to prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers. You get fibre from nuts, seeds, cereals, bread, fruit and root vegetables. It’s super easy to get enough fibre, if you have a deficiency you may have bad digestion, weight gain, bloating and nausea, so get checked out if you don’t eat enough fibre packed foods or try eating more nuts, seeds, apples, bananas and root vegetables.

You count calories

Paying attention to your calorie intake can prevent you from enjoying a balanced diet and create unhealthy eating habits! It’s not healthy to constantly think about what you’re eating and whether it is above or below your daily calorie intake, and it takes the fun out of living. The best advice is to just relax, eat a balanced diet, stop eating when you’re comfortably full and exercise well to be the healthiest you can be!

You’re too food-free

We’re going mad for gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, foods at the moment, and most of us don’t even struggle with the allergies that require us to cut these things out. Sure it’s fashionable to cut out these things and it might even be healthier, but the danger is that you’re being sold things that aren’t actually better for you. You need to pay attention to labels and know that in some cases going totally ‘free’ when you don’t need to can be worse for you than eating normally.

You want fast results

We are all guilty of subscribing to fad diets and maybe using meal replacement shakes at least one time or another. STOP! Fast results aren’t healthy, even if you lose weight you will most likely rebound and put it all back on. Learn to love yourself as you are and know that working towards a healthier future is far better for yourself!

You don’t get enough Vitamin D

All the suncream we slather ourselves in is reducing the amount of vitamin D we’re getting. Vitamin D helps combat depression, strengthen bones and regulate your heart, but it’s so hard to get through food and drink! Some juices contain it, but the best places to get vitamin D from are fortified cereals, oily fish and eggs. You should be getting enough if you get your dose of summer sun and have a healthy diet, but if you feel like you could be in danger of having a deficiency see your doctor and start taking vitamins.

You drink too much

Okay, we all like to go wild once in a while, and while you’re young you definitely should. But being aware of the long-term effects of alcohol consumption can only work in your favour. Drinking too much can lead to all sorts of health complications, as well as nasty hangovers. If you must drink try to go for vodka and soda or cranberry juice as it is a lighter option. Drink as much water as possible in between drinks, take your time and have some food too. 

You Google your symptoms

If something’s wrong with your body the first thing you do is run to the computer to ask Doctor Google what’s wrong, but you really shouldn’t. Google doesn’t have all the answers and almost always results in a misdiagnosis, for peace of mind see your doctor and don’t get more anxious over horror stories on the internet. Most of us have lost sleep over a Google diagnosis, so the lesson to learn is to dismiss the internet when it comes to undiagnosed health issues and trust the doctor! Don’t panic, you’ll be alright!

We’re all guilty of making these mistakes, but luckily there’s still time to make it right! What’s your worst health mistake?

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