The 10 Most Important Career Skills That Will Get You Hired This Year

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What do you write under the skills portion of your CV/resume? Most likely they are straightforward such as graphic design or copy editing. These skills are important when it comes to performing well in specific roles, but we often forget about the career skills that all jobs require.

In this growing digital age, there are skills that we all need in the workplace, no matter what sector your career is in. Here they are:

#2 Being able to read others

Being book smart is obviously very helpful when it comes to impressing your boss, but without combining it with proper social intelligence you risk stalling your career. The ability to understand how your co-workers and clients are feeling and being aware of how they respond to you is an important part of working as a team.

#2 Virtual team work

Team work can be tricky, but throw in email as your primary communication and things get even trickier. We’ve all had the exclamation point debate: passive aggressive without or inappropriately enthusiastic if included? Learning how to effectively communicate and complete projects digitally is undeniably important in our digital age of telecommuting and video conferences.

#3 Organization

This one is simple, being organized saves time which saves money which equals a happy employer. Not only will being organized help you keep your sanity and improve the quality of your work, but it will affect how others see you. No matter how good your work is, if your desk is a mess and you can never find what you are looking for then you run the risk of being seen as less competent than you actually are.

#4 Leadership

You might think this quality does not apply to you because you are not in a leadership position currently, but it is important regardless of rank. By no means should you start bossing around your co-workers, but start by showing off your leadership strengths during smaller projects like organizing the holiday party. When it comes time for a promotion, your boss will have seen your leadership skills in action and know you can handle the next step in your career. Learn the five habits of exceptionally good leaders and use them.

#5 Flexibility

Try and think of a time where your manager or a co-worker was unwilling to budge on an idea you knew simply wasn’t working. I bet it didn’t take you too long to remember an instance like that. That’s because it can be unbelievably frustrating when someone won’t be flexible. Don’t be that person. Be open to all ideas and to straying off course occasionally, the results may pleasantly surprise you.

#6 Time management

Do you find yourself getting off task every time a new email hits your inbox? If so, you really need to work on your time management skills. Once thrown off track it can take 23 minutes to return to the original task. Knowing how and when to focus on different tasks is an important part of being a productive worker. P.S. Read our tips for de-cluttering your inbox once and for all.

#7 Professionalism

This seems obvious, but in an increasingly digital work environment, this can be challenging. Emails, instant messages and texts are forms of communication where it is all too easy to slip into casual mode. Always stay professional during any form of workplace communication, especially ones that can be tracked by your company.

#8 Creativity

Even if you do not have a job that obviously requires creativity such as a writing or designing, this does not mean your career won’t benefit from it. Using creativity to find a more efficient way to complete a non-creative task is invaluable to your employers.

#9 Communication

Have you ever watched a toddler try to speak, only to be met with confusion from adults? No matter how hard they try, sometimes they can not communicate what they are trying to say and their frustration often boils over. Well not much changes over the years. Even as adults, when you cannot communicate properly it can be very irritating. By learning how to communicate best with those you work with, you will save yourself a lot of time and wasted effort. Just remember everyone communicates differently and try to be aware of what works best for each individual.

#10 Fearlessness

The workplace is an intimidating place, but if you try new things, share your ideas and jump head first into new challenges you will find success.

Which of these skills do you find most important in your workplace? Share your experiences below!

By Jacqueline DeMarco



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