10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Job Interview

10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Job Interview
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Why not have a run at yourself to see where you slip up before letting a stranger pick out your flaws? Find your own strengths and weaknesses with these 10 simple questions so that you’ll enter your next job interview armed and ready!

Will I be happy to wake up and go to work? If so, continue.

What are my intentions in applying for this job? Is it a temporary solution unrelated to my career goals or am I looking to stay and invest myself in this company?

Do you believe in the company? Getting and keeping a job is important, but if you’re planning on staying there a while, you should make sure your opinions line up with their’s.

Am I ready for this position? For your own piece of mind, and for the interviewers, make a list of reasons why you are capable.

What are the benefits? Will this be a step forward or a step sideways?

How can I help them achieve their goals for the company? Ultimately, the interviewer wants you to prove to them why they should want you to further their goals. So make them see what it is about you that will help them do that. That being said, find out the company’s mission first!

What will they be looking for? Who will I be meeting and what might they be expecting?

What actions can I take to show that I appreciate their time? A letter, an email, a phone call? A handshake?

How does my personality lend to the role? Team players will do well in interactive positions while introverts will succeed with more independent responsibilities. Morning people will love the early shifts that night-owls will cringe at.

Am I genuinely interested in what this company is all about? Think, really think! Ideally, take an interest in the subject matter that you’ll be having to deal with on a daily basis…does it intrigue you? Does it inspire you to want to work there? Or are you just interested in the Casual Friday policy and the gourmet cafeteria? If you don’t recognize these things for yourself beforehand, the interviewer will easily pick them up through your body language and tone of voice.

Going for a job interview can be a gruelling prospect but if it’s the right place for you, it should be nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time!

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  • http://www.callmefafi.com Tamara E Fagan

    Because the economy is still recovering in the states, it’s really hard to go on a interview and look for a job without thinking about monetary compensation. The best thing that came from me being unemployed is my blog. However, I need a job and miss teaching everyday. Let’s not even talk about the financial strain it has caused on my family. Aside from all that, these are great questions to ask. I also believe that everyone should look into how the job can help achieve career status. . .where it’s not just a place that pays the bills, gives health benefits, or disrupts the other goals in life.

  • http://herdarlinglife.com Kimberly

    These are awesome questions that I sometimes forget to think about but they ALWAYS come up in interviews in one form or another. Great post!

    • http://britanypowell.blogspot.ca Britany Powell

      Thanks Kimberly!

  • http://whateverbrightthings.blogspot.com Haley

    Thanks for this post – the interview process can be quite intimidating, especially for the introverted! This is a great list of questions to think through before putting myself in the interview chair again.

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