7 Important Things We ALWAYS Forget And Some Apps To Solve It

There seems to be an app for almost everything today but is the “perfect app” possible? If you could create an app, what all would it do? Maybe an app for all the important things we always forget?

10 Important Things We ALWAYS Forget
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10 Important Things We ALWAYS Forget

#1 – Backing up your computer and phone
One day your hard drive will fail. When your computer’s hard drive fails, it can be gut-wrenching. At best, maybe you lost a really important presentation you were working on. At worst, maybe you’ve lost every photo of your kid’s childhood.
There’s no excuse for this. Save yourself the trouble and start backing up your computer and phone now!

#2 – Store your receipts
Your phone is a great place to store receipts and there are lots of apps that offer this feature. Whether you need to keep track of business expenses to turn in to your employer, want to keep track of receipts as a self employed individual, or just want to know where your money is going, OneReceipt is a great option.

#3 – The security questions of passwords
Don’t worry there’s an app for that. If you have trouble remembering your passwords and private information.Use a password manager. Keeper saves your password and important data in one file.

#4 – Recipe items
How many times have we been cooking and panicked because we forgot to buy one crucial ingredient? Too many times, that’s what. Now there’s an app to help us in our hour of need. Substitutions is pretty straight forward ans easy to use.

#5 – Drinking enough water

Waterlogged is an app is indispensable for making sure I stay hydrated. I used to typically not drink much water, but whenever I use this app I make or exceed my goal. Being well hydrated has definitely made me feel better on a daily basis. I love the fact that you can set reminders.

#6 – Where we’ve left our keys
Forgot your keys? There’s an app for that! TrackR is a small, coin-sized device that easily attaches to your valuable items. With the TrackR app, locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds by ringing your missing keys, using TrackR’s Distance Indicator or via Crowd GPS. Watch the video below to learn more!

#7- People’s names a few seconds after we’ve been introduced
It happens to the best of us. You meet someone at a party, then three days later you run into them at the grocery store and can’t remember their name. This is an amazing tip I’ve found online: ‘Next time when you meet someone: ‘The other person says to you: “Hi, I’m Sasha”. As soon as you hear her name, start repeating SASHA in your head loudly a few times — SASHA, SASHA, SASHA. If you want to practice saying it out loud a few times, ask her about her name. “Sasha, that’s spelled S-A-S-H-A?” or “Sorry, I’m not so good with names. How do you spell that?” The purpose of these questions is to simply get you and Sasha to repeat her name a few times to help you to remember. This step should only take a few seconds at most, or else it can start feeling awkward” (source)


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  1. This is so ridiculously true! I literally do all of these at least once or twice a week :P especially the storing of receipts I need!

    xx, Mel

  2. I need to practice #7! I live in a condo complex and I meet new neighbors all the time. I have this bad habit of forgetting the person’s name as soon as we have an introduction. Then I’m embarrassed the next time I see the person and I’m only able to say “Hey!” because their name has completely left my memory!

    x, Jeni

  3. If you’re on birth control, you can use the app “myPill”. It gives you reminders, you can hold track of when you had your period and how heavy it was, if you had to throw up, how many glasses of water you drank, etc.
    I have it for 2years now and it’s great!
    x Lyn

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