10 Incredible Books To Lose Yourself In Right Now



If you need a list of books to read right now, forget the critics’ favorites, for me it’s all about losing yourself in a new world. These books are the bread and butter of feeling good. They’re the staple of a good reading diet, and I believe they’re just as important as the literary classics.

Don’t get me wrong, feel-good reading doesn’t have to be cutesy and glitzy. Even thrillers can make a tense commute pass by in the blink of an eye because you just can’t wait to get back to your characters and find out what happens next.

Just remember, a good book doesn’t have to be highbrow literature. It can be the romance story you fall in love with. The thriller that keeps you up at night, or the series you just can’t put down. With that in mind, here are a few books to lose yourself in over the next few months:



Make Things Happen 

Make Things Happen available here


Of course, I had to recommend our very own Make Things Happen book. This book is a healthy mix of a guide for 2018 and self-care exercises. Each month has its own chapter, starting in January, you’ll find a calendar for each month of the year that you can scribble all your important dates in. Each month has a theme, whether it’s productivity or self-love, and inside the chapter, you will find short advice on how to live your best life that month.

Every chapter is tailored to what you’ll need that month to stay on track, whether you need to take a break in February or start spring cleaning in March, all you have to do is get a pen and work through each chapter as it comes, fill in the workbook exercises, read the inspiration articles and live your best life! Get it here.



Still Me 

Still Me available here


After the events of Me Before You and Me After You, Louisa has arrived in New York. She’s now trying to keep her relationship alive, despite living in a totally different country.

While in New York, she meets a whole host of eccentric characters, and as usual, has a whole host of adventures that bring back an echo of Will and the heartbreak she faced before. This book launches tomorrow so get it fresh off the press, and buy it here.



Into The Water 

Into The Water available here 


If you haven’t yet picked this one up, you definitely should. This is the story of a mysterious lake and the women that find themselves at the bottom of it. It sounds morose (and at times it can be) but you’re desperate to find out what happened to these girls, and if there was any foul play involved.

I raced through this one, and absolutely loved it. Everyone needs a good thriller every now and again. The twist will shock you, and you’ll be thoroughly invested in the story from the start to the end. Buy it here.



My Not So Perfect Life 

My Not So Perfect Life available here


If you need a ‘palate cleanser’ after all those thrillers, this is supposedly it. Sweet and easy to read, this book will have you invested from the very beginning. Katie Brenner is sick of comparing herself to other people. She lives a not-quite-true life on Instagram, hoping that will disguise the less from perfect life she actually leads. But when she gets fired, everything comes crashing down. Katie moves back home, and once she’s there, some loose ends can finally be tied up.

This book addresses the problem with social media most of us are well aware of, and explores the relationship between Katie and her boss Demeter Farlowe plus the threat of living a pretend life. Buy it here.



Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine available here

For a less conventional love story, you need to read Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. Eleanor is a little different from the rest of the world. She doesn’t think like other people, doesn’t dress up, hardly speaks to anyone all weekend, and occasionally offends people without meaning to. But she’s completely fine. Until she falls in love with a musician. A dark, beautiful musician – the complete opposite of her.

She’s joined in her journey of self-discovery by Raymond, an IT guy from her office who she finds less than appealing. Funnily enough, he helps her in ways she can’t ever guess. And this unconventional romance will warm your heart. Just wait for the twist at the end, too, then Eleanor’s life makes total sense. Buy it here.



Friend Request

Friend Request available here 

Here’s another thriller that is chillingly close to modern life. Louise receives an email that Maria Weston wants to be her friend on Facebook. But Maria’s been dead for 25 years, and Laura blames herself for her death.

She tried to bury the guilt and ambiguity of her death, but with a high school reunion coming up and someone pretending to be Maria, it seems as though justice has come for Louisa and everyone else that was involved. Louisa knows that to escape the past she needs to find out what really happened. And who, or what, is pretending to be Maria. Buy it here.



The Note

The Note available here 

This book is based on the true story of one woman and her ‘train man’. One day Maya Flowers sees a man on her train to London and knows that he is The One. She watches him every day, fantasizing about their life together. And one day, she gives him a note that asks him out for a drink.

Unfortunately, romance doesn’t happen overnight. A story of missed opportunities, and fate. This book will lift you up and remind you that you never know who could be waiting around the corner. Buy it here.



Strange Magic

Strange Magic available here 

This is one of my favorite series’ of books at the moment. So much so that I keep checking for the release date of the new one (May, if you were wondering!). It follows Rosie Strange, who inherits a Witchcraft Museum when her grandfather dies. Strange things happen (who would’ve thought) and you can’t help but fall in love with Rosie’s Essex ways, and her companion Sam.

I love reading a series of books that are easy to get through, and just entertaining to read. There are other mysteries throughout, Rosie’s grandmother, for example, disappeared one day. Magic can be real, but it just borders on realism so it’s easy to doubt. I love this if you couldn’t tell. Buy it here.



The Keeper of Lost Things

The Keeper Of Lost Things available here

Recently divorced Laura has moved into Anthony Peardew’s mansion. He’s the ‘keeper of lost things’ and has kept and quietly labeled things throughout his life in an effort to atone for the fact that he lost one of his fiancée’s belongings before she passed away. Laura becomes one of those ‘lost things’ Anthony collects, and after his death inherits all his lost things waiting to be found.

Together with her new neighbor’s daughter Sunshine and Freddy the gardener, she tries to piece together the stories of some of the lost things and find out who they originally belonged to. Buy it here.



Exit West

Exit West available here

This is one of the best books of 2017, hands down. It follows Nadia and Saeed, they meet and fall in love, despite living in a country on the brink of civil war. When their country is bombed, broken, fortified and changed, Nadia and Saeed hold on to a belief in mystical doors that can take you away.

They decide to find a door and step through, no matter what the other side might bring them. Buy it here.


Which books are on your reading list right now?



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  1. Ooh will have to add these to my list! Make things happen sounds really good!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Didn’t really like Friend Request but you absolutely have to read Eleanor Oliphant, although I wouldn’t reduce it to a simple love story!

  3. These all look amazing, I keep hearing so many amazing things about Sophie Kinsella and so am going to start there and work my way through the list. The Keeper of Lost Things sound so good to, I need to get me to a book shop!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

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