7 Incredible Career Skills You Can Learn Online

Photo Emerson Fry

These skills will help you be more successful, from negotiating to doing yoga when you’re stressed, check out these websites that will help you get ahead of the game!


The Create Your First Website course from Alison is designed to help you navigate the rough world of starting your first website. It talks you through domain names, links, formatting, creating pages and publishing those pages. In case you didn’t know how important creating a website is, read our article on why creating a website is a perfect way to become successful.


Whether you’re scanning important documents or reading your favorite fiction books, speed reading is important. Spreeder guarantees to help you read 3x faster, so you can focus on the things that matter and maybe buy a few of our recommended reads!


Duolingo is the site for learning a new language. Choose any language you’re interested in and learn it quickly with games, activities and tests to help you out.


Do you get sweaty at the thought of speaking up in a meeting or pitching ideas? This course promises to help design and deliver arguments clearly, deliver great presentations, speak confidently and critique speeches insightfully.


Did you read our article on negotiating the salary you deserve this year and worry that you’d never be able to do it? You need this course on successful negotiation. This course will teach you how to prepare, plan and execute confident negotiation tactics that will seal the deal.


From editing those selfies to creating graphics for your website or blog, Photoshop is an essential tool, but it’s sometimes quite complex. This course will teach you how to use masks, work with plugins and has over 117 different tutorials from beginner to advanced levels. It’s the comprehensive guide to Photoshop.


So you know the benefits of doing yoga, and that it doesn’t take long, well if you want to learn from home, Yogaglo promises online yoga for every level wherever you are for just $18 a month, which is less than a gym membership!

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  • Tatyana K Afeli

    I want to start my own blog by the end of this year so the create your own website course is definitely going to benefit me especially since I have no clue where to start! TY CGD xx

  • Ariane Kuijt

    When I started yoga a couple of weeks ago I noticed my focus and concentration are much better now!

  • alionawithlove

    Nice read. Check out my Best Of Fashion Week article featuring AW16 runway hair and beauty trends!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome ! Thanks for sharing

  • fmenthusiast

    Hey Beth, great resources thank you! The only tricky one is Photoshop. I feel as though since I’m not a web designer, it’s something that would take ages. But will give it a shot and use the link you gave. Xo


  • Sara | The Graphicteller

    I’m always amazed by the amount of knowledge we can share + absorb on the Internet!


  • Tasnim I

    This is awesome, thanks!


  • Aimee

    There are tons of free yoga workouts on YouTube. I highly recommend Yoga With Adriene. After I started following her videos (I actually upgraded to paying $10/month for her Find What Feels Good online yoga community), I quit the gym and now do Yoga With Adriene exclusively (along with other natural, outdoor activities).


  • Ambar Syed

    This is great – thank you! :)
    – Ambar x

  • Noura

    love this <3