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10 Incredible Places To Visit In Australia


Ah Australia, home of barbecues and dangerous animals, and also somewhere the CGD team have always wanted to go. If you’re looking for a list of amazing places to go when you visit ‘the land down under’, then look no further! Here are ten incredible places to visit in Australia! G’day mate!

#1 Sydney Opera House

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Sydney Opera House, if you’re going to Australia you have to make this a stop on your list of places to go. Whether you actually go to see one of the shows (it’s not just opera!) or just sit outside and have a nice cold drink, no trip to Australia is complete without a photo of the Sydney Opera House.

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#2 Bondi Beach

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Bondi Beach is regularly touted as the best beach experience ever. It pretty much has everything you could be looking for, white sands and turquoise seas, beach parties, coastal walks, lazy tranquil areas and even whale watching! Take a walk through the Bondi market before you get some surfing lessons on the incredible Bondi beach!

#3 Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations, swarming with marine life and settled amongst a network of perfect golden beaches, there’s no reason not to go and see the Great Barrier Reef. If you aren’t keen on the idea of scuba diving, you can embark on a glass-bottomed boat, have a helicopter ride, snorkel, swim with dolphins or go whale watching.

#4 Fraser Island

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Fraser Island is a world heritage site, protected so that everybody can enjoy it’s natural and cultural surroundings. There are multi coloured sand dunes, exposed shipwrecks, beautiful beaches and dense rainforests to explore if you take a tour of Fraser Island. The largest creek on the eastern beach pours up to four million litres of clear, fresh water into the ocean every hour, it’s perfect for picnics and swimming. Did we mention that there’s tonnes of opportunities to see rare wildlife, too?

#5 Qualia, Hamilton Island

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If you’re looking for some luxury, check into the Qualia, a resort on the Hamilton Island that features incredible Australian experiences and amazing beach houses that overlook the ocean. This tranquil resort is on the Condé Nast Travellers US 2015 Gold List, if you have the money why not spend it visiting somewhere incredibly luxurious and spoil yourself.

#6 Uluru

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Uluru or Ayers Rock is an iconic landmark in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, it’s believed to be 700 million years old and nothing can prepare you for viewing this breathtaking rock formation in real life. If you’re interested in seeing something older than you can even imagine take a trip to see Ayers Rock and be amazed.

#7 Melbourne City Centre

Known as the Central City, Melbourne City is a great, sprawling city that contains a mixture of old and new, with spacious tree-lined streets and tram lines that run along and create the veins of the city. There’s so much to do in Melbourne, from fine dining and late night drinking to visiting the botanical gardens and fine art museum, that Melbourne will surely be one of your favourite cities to shop, relax and dine in.

#8 Kakadu National Park

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If you’re looking for nature and culture, Kakadu National Park has it all. You can visit the park to view the stunning wildlife in its natural habitat and enjoy talks by the park rangers, spot a crocodile or have a go at bird watching, walk amongst the waterfalls and swim in the beautiful waters. You can also take boat cruises and scenic flights to view the park from within the realms of the wildlife. If that all sounds like too much nature, why not go and view the amazing ancient rock art painted by the Aboriginal people, grab some delicious food or check out the breath-taking Mahbilil festival in September.

#9 The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles are twelve crumbling pillars in the sea that are protected by the Marine National Park and would make a truly beautiful Instagram photograph. Walk along the Great Ocean Road to absorb the culture and history, and appreciate the magnificent underwater caverns and structures.

#10 Jenolan Caves

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The Jenolan Caves are touted as one of the world’s most spectacular cave formations, if you’re looking for exquisite rock formations and cool, dark passageways that shed some light onto the inner workings of the world then these cave tours are for you! You can also view fossils unearthed inside the caves, or stop for picnics and lunch underneath beautiful purple Wisteria trees.

There are hundreds of amazing places to visit in Australia, so if you’re thinking about planning a trip to the land of sunshine, sand and surfing then make sure to try and stop at at least one of these amazing places!


  1. Kiara King says

    Unfortunately, I’ve only been to two of the above and they’re pretty typical; Bondi Beach and Sydney Opera House. I really want to visit more of this beautiful country of mine, especially Kakadu National Park, as it’s at the top end of my state.

  2. Sophie G Moore says

    I’ve lived in Australia most of my life and can only tick half these of my life! Would love to go to Kakadu!

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