10 Incredible Things That Happen When You Reach Your Ultimate Fitness Goal!



Sense of achievement, happiness, fulfilment blah blah blah. Whether we’re striving for a better bod or dreaming of healthier lungs, we all wonder what happens when you get there; do you become famous? Get a trophy? Does the world end? No. But we asked some people who have done it, and here are their little nuggets of inspiration to us all.

#1 You take the stairs all the time. And it’s not because you’re pushing yourself to do it anymore, you want to take the stairs, you like taking the stairs!

#2 You walk past the mirror and check yourself out. A lot. Who’s that great looking bod? Oh, me!? Nice to meet you abs and buns of steel, see you again in about 5 when I walk in the other direction.

#3 You increase your running distance / weights / length of time in the gym and relish the challenge. Yeah, it doesn’t feel like punishment anymore, it feels like progress!

#4 You make good health choices like it’s second nature. No inner dialogue about how much you’re craving chocolate but will it be bad for you or will it just give you the boost you need? Nope, you want a single almond and it’ll be a bloody treat.

#5 You count calories because you’re increasing them. A healthy body needs to be fuelled right, and that means lots of delicious calories! You get to cram in the extra carbs after a workout and love it!

#6 People ask you if you’ve been working out. And you say hell yeah! And it’s worked a treat, I’m sexy! Or think it, whatever.

#7 You look forward to the next workout. Unbelievable right? Looking forward to exercising?! But apparently when you’re all fit and healthy and those endorphins are pumping, you just want more and more!

#8 You never feel guilty after a cheat. That double-stacked, smothered in cheese with extra sweet potato fries you just ate? Totally earned it, completely deserved it, not an ounce of guilt.

#9 Trainers are your babies. You’ve been working out solidly for a while and they have stuck by you through thick and thin, rain and thunder, puddled and slip ups. You have trainers to match all your workout pants and post images on Instagram of them that never get more than 3 likes.

#10 People look at you and you don’t get the fear. Remember the fear? When people look at you for a bit too long and you think are they looking at my thighs? My butt?? PAH! Course they’re looking at my butt, it’s incredible!!


What do you think of these 10 Incredible Things That Happen When You Reach Your Ultimate Fitness Goal! ? Do you have any more to add? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Lauren

    I have this more with eating, I cut out dairy and bread with a very plant and veggie based diet, and now it’s just second nature to say no or not want to eat those things anymore!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Djuana

    You begin to go out because your self-esteem & confidence is on the rise. You start wearing clothes you haven’t worn in years & start making new friends.

  • Over The Weekend

    This is were i want to be in some months :)

  • Breana

    Yes these are so true! you can’t deny that you check yourself out in any reflective surface ;) and then you set new goals and enjoy continuing to work towards them!

  • Dana Cire

    This is great. I know when I am doing the right thing I feel physically and mentally better.

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