10 Inspiring Movies You Must See In Your Twenties

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 09.28.39Sometimes being in your twenties is hard. People start expecting you get your life together while your toughest decision so far is whether you want a salad or a pizza for dinner. Luckily you’re not the only one going through this phase. As twenty-somethings we have one thing in common: we want to learn as much as possible! And what better way to learn with a bag of popcorn on the couch? Here are 10 inspiring, funny or beautiful movies you must see while you are in your twenties!

#1 Eat Pray Love

By far my favorite. This movie is about girl power, taking chances and conquer your deepest fears. No one knows exactly what ‘finding yourself’ means, but this movie comes pretty close!

#2 The Other Woman

Cameron Diaz as a smart business woman with a little bad luck in love. She finds out her boyfriend has a wife as well as a mistress. To let mister wrong know you don’t mess around with career girls, together they are planning their revenge. Her style in this movie is absolutely gorgeous, so take notes!

#3 Love, Rosie

What I loved most about this movie is how Rosie – wonderfully played by Lilly Collins – turns a bad thing into something truly amazing. Hidden message for us twenty-somethings: you can’t control life so you better let things go as they come.

#4 Sex and the City

There is no explanation needed here. Must. See!

#5 Begin Again

A messed up producer has a dream about true music and uses the Big City as his own music studio to record an album. Keira Knightley plays the role of a young talented singer and guess what: she is really good! Definitely a feel good movie.

#6 Wild

The ultimate power woman movie. Based on the incredible journey of Cheryl Strayed – played by Oscar nominee Reese Witherspoon – who tries to get her life back together by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. A truly inspiring story and when you’re just as amazed by the movie as I was, try reading her book as well!

#7 Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This all time favorite is a must see for young career girls because, let’s be honest , Audrey Hepburn is one of the most iconic women in history. It is a classic so you have to look hard to find this one in good quality but it’s worth it.

#8 Legally Blonde

A story about not letting anyone tell you, you’re not good enough. Again a Reese Witherspoon movie, but a funny and inspiring movie for all the young career girls. And when you’re feeling down, just do the ‘bend and snap’.

#9 Now is good

This is one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. It’s about an incurably ill girl who wants to do as much as possible in the time she has left. Hidden message: you don’t know what is going to happen, so live life to the fullest.

#10 The Notebook

Last but not least. For those insecure, being-in-your-twenties suck days there is Ryan Gosling who can convince you that everything is going to be okay.

Most of these movies made me laugh, inspired me or helped me through a tough time. What is your favorite or most inspiring movie? Let me know!


By Shelley Beekman


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