9 Instagram Fit Girls You Need To Follow Who Will Make You Go To The Gym

Living the healthy lifestyle is not always easy and sometimes a little encouragement is needed to keep you on track. Fitgirls on Social Media are a true phenomenon and they have Instagram feeds full of amazing-looking, healthy bodies, food schedules, work-outs and will give you lots of motivation.



Some of them have been living the healthy lifestyle for years and others just started a couple of years ago after a life full of junkfood and laziness. But now they all are dedicated to the healthy lifestyle and share their passion with the world. So in case you need a little Sunday motivation to go to the gym, here are 10 Instagram Fit Girls that will make you break your lazy Sunday tradition.

#1 – Marie – Fitgirlfuel @ Instagram

#2 – Jen Selter – Jenselter @ Instagram

#3 – Natascha Oakley – Tashoakley @ Instagram

#4 – Supersisterfitness  @ Instagram

#5 – Sendi Skopljak – Skopljak @ Instagram

#6 -Yoga_girl @ Instagram

#7 –Savannah Rose Neveux – Muffintopless @ Instagram

#8 – Emily Skye – Emilyskyefit @ Instagram

#9 – Sarah Ravindran – Fitandfiesty @ Instagram

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  • Chelsea

    So after some inspo! Will definitely get following


  • Charlotte Sophia Roberts

    Great post! Just to let you know but you missed the E out of Oakley so if people can’t find her account you just need to add the E in :) x

  • my own way

    Love your post I’m excited to follow these girls

  • Kelsey

    Yes! Just the Monday motivation I needed.

  • beatrice b.

    Already follow some of them, but you guys totally missed @gabrielapugliesi !!!

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