10 investments you can make in yourself right now

Your future self is determined by what you do at the moment. If you correctly invest in yourself and start implementing small habits right now you will reach a better version of yourself sooner than expected.

The compound effect of small habits is very effective when it comes to changing your lifestyle and thus modeling your future. Over time these small habits compound into effective routines which lead ultimately to success. investments you can make in yourself right n

The only question now is to define how and where to invest. Below is a small list of potential investments, you can start in order to reach a better lifestyle. You can only choose the ones that speak to you most, and then slowly build upon them until you reach a satisfactory point. investments you can make in yourself right now

1- Move your body

You can practice a regular physical activity for about 30 minutes on a daily basis. Your activity should give you the opportunity to express yourself and free your mind from the daily stress. It can be a walk around your block, an improvised dance class in your bedroom, or just a youtube guided stretch.

2- Meditate and practice gratitude

With the hard times, we have been going through these last 2 years, it became difficult for most of us to value what we have. Try to take some time during the day to sit down quietly and write down things that you are grateful for. The 365 Days Of Gratitude Journal is the perfect journal to help you create this habit. It will not only make you aware of your blessings but will also attract more positive and blessed events into your life.

3- Learn a new language

Learning a new language is considered to be a simple way of traveling. It makes you discover a new country, its culture, and its traditions. So with the borders still closed you can travel to whichever country just by starting to learn their language. Also, learning a new language activates new neuronal paths in your brain and kind makes you more intelligent.

4- Learn how to speak in public

This is a key practice that most of us don’t focus on. Being a master in your field doesn’t have an important added value unless you can explain and transmit your mastery to the world. And to do so you will need to be comfortable enough to speak in public. This not only includes being able to present your subject through a monologue but also being able to take on constructive feedback and have a valuable and profitable exchange.

5- Learn how to manage your money

Managing money can seem a quite difficult subject to tackle in our adulting life. But it is one of the success keys to financial autonomy and to a stabilized lifestyle. Our Give Yourself Credit Journal is designed to help you stay on top of your financial goals. And if you would like to read more about this subject, make sure to check the following article about money management tips.

6- Learn a new skill

Take the courage and learn a skill out of your comfort zone. Something that you are passionate about but always thought that you weren’t good enough to pull off. This is your sign to take the step and start learning now. Each day you will get 1% better until you reach a point of excellence you would have never reached if you hadn’t started in the first place.

7- Time management

One of the key skills to success is to be able to efficiently manage your time and priorities. There is no secret recipe for this but you can start by writing down a daily to-do list with defined time slots. This will help you get an overview of your daily workload and with time learn how to better manage your tasks and prioritize them. You can use the Getting Stuff Done for more effectively organized days. invstments you can make in yourself right now

8- Invest in a solo trip

The best way to learn about oneself is to take a solo trip. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far or exotic, you can even go somewhere you have already been if it makes it easier and less stressful. But believe me, you will find out more about yourself, as you will be your only companion. So take the time to enjoy your company and let go of any expectations.

9- Find yourself a mentor

Finding a mentor can be a life-changing step in your journey. Getting a mentor will make you benefit from the wisdom of people who have already been down the road, and as a result, open your mind to new ways of thinking about life in general. Your mentor can help you get a better lifestyle in general, or focus on one or more areas in your life. It all depends on your needs and on what the mentor can offer. investments you can make in yourself right now

10- Learn to love and accept yourself

You are your lifetime partner, and spending time with yourself more than anyone else in this world. If you don’t love or accept yourself, no matter how much you keep investing in yourself, you will never see a valuable return on investment. There will always be that void inside, and that voice telling you are not enough. And if you were to keep only one investment in mind, this should be the one: Love yourself and you will start seeing the change. investments you can make in yourself right now



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