10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Successful People

10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Successful People

It’s fairly safe to say that we all wish we could learn from other people’s mistakes, to acquire their experience simply by listening to what they have been through. But the world doesn’t often work that way; no matter how hard we try to avoid the most common mistakes, somehow the universe pushes us to learn our own lessons for ourselves.
To learn these lessons personally is to internalize them and call upon them when a new obstacle presents itself in front of you. And if you sat down a handful of successful people around a table, chances are that many of the lessons they have learned throughout their careers are the same, with only slight variations.

1. The first several jobs you take won’t be interesting
“Come back when you have experience,” they say. But how is one to gain experience if nobody will hire until one is already experienced? All successful people have had to take a job – or two, or three – that act only as stepping stones within a greater picture. They weren’t fun, they weren’t relevant, they weren’t satisfying, but they get you where you want to go.

2. You will be told off time and time again
Communication is necessary in business. Some people may not be as sensitive in their going about it as your ego would like, but it is nothing personal, just business.

3. Life will not be easy
The road to success promises lots of hardship early on. Many will lose hope when the trials become too much to handle, but sticking it out is what makes the successful truly successful.

4. Your relationships will be tested
In times of choice, where of course of action must be taken, the relationships around you will prove to be either supportive or detrimental to your success. Who is backing you up? And who couldn’t care less?

5. Eat, sleep, breathe work
At one point or another, you will have to devote yourself fully to your goals. At this inflection point, every successful person has had to put themselves into high gear to make the final push towards a breakthrough.

6. Sometimes mistakes will cost you
Many people are forgiving of little mistakes; however, from time to time, there are mistakes that will cost you your position. It’s a dreadful prospect to think of, but it’s happened to the best of them.

7. Don’t let the first big win go to your head
After all of the struggles, a major success is worth celebrating! Celebrate indeed, but don’t let it cloud your vision of hard work.

8. Enjoy the journey
Life passes by all too quickly and oftentimes, the journey is the most exciting part. Don’t wish for the end, when your dream is a reality, because then the story will be over. Enjoy the moment and take all that life puts before you in stride.

9. Family is important
Cherish your family. Others will come and go, but those you hold closest to your heart will be there for you in the best and the worst of times. You need not be surrounded by your flesh and blood; family does not have to be biological. Find those you call your family and stick together. Life is so much more special when surrounded by loved ones.

10. Remember who you are and where you came from
The road can be long and winding; lots of influences and voices coaxing you this way or that. It is up to you to decide what is right and what is best. Never forget, however, to look back every once in a while. Be proud of your beginnings and make sure you can be proud of what you are now.

What do you remember that has made you successful?

Written by Britany Powell


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