10 Little Things That Make the Biggest Impact On Your Work Day


You spend 90% of your life at work, and 90% of your time with your colleagues, it’s only natural that sometimes you don’t feel your best. It’s a home away from home, so it’s only natural that you sometimes bring negative emotions to work with you. But there are some things that can majorly impact your workday, and make you feel more positive.

Ten small tweaks to your everyday behavior can make a massive impact on how you feel at work and how you perform.

1. Balance your day

Getting to work and powering through it only to get home and collapse on the couch is most people’s daily routine, but you need to work at balancing your day more. The Win At Life system will help you with that. When we say balance, we mean finding the right balance for you and sticking to it. Find a balance that suits you, you might not have the time to work out every single morning, but if you can give yourself once a week to work out, you’ll be on track. Edit your routine until it fits what most closely describes balance for you.

2. Combine your work goals with your life goals

When you treat work as an inconvenience, something that takes you away from your ‘real purpose’ or things you love to do, you’ll always feel a disconnect. Instead, take ten to fifteen minutes of aligning your goals and remembering why you go to work every day. After all, your work goals should align with your life goals. Is there a role you want to get eventually? Is there a reason you’re grafting every day? Align your goals, and you’ll soon feel like you’re working towards a bigger picture.

3. Don’t waste your commute time

Our founders Celina and Ellen are learning Mandarin, and one little hack they’ve learned to make it easier to learn on the go is to use their commute. Celina practices on the go, and it’s really helped her stay on top of her learning and be ready for the next class. This trick works for absolutely everything, use your commute in the morning to prepare a report, to write your book (if you don’t mind sideways glances at what you’re writing), to learn a language and to get ahead of the day.

4. Chat to your colleagues

Take some time out to chat, whether it’s at lunch or during a short break around the printer, catch up with the people you work with as often as possible. It will make you feel more comfortable in your workplace if you get to know the people around you. Make an effort to learn something about everyone you work with, even your superiors; it’ll certainly make Secret Santa easier this year.

5. Get out there

Fresh air and some time outdoors will do you a world of good. Whether you just go for a quick ten-minute walk at lunchtime or you sit outside when you’re back home, making sure you’ve got enough fresh air is so important. Not only will it help you relax, but it’ll also boost your immune system, calm you down, clean your lungs, boost your energy, and improve your heart and brain health.

It’s the best thing you can do for yourself when you’re working.

6. Work out, seriously!

Working out (hard!) at least once a week can help you get a break from the stresses of work, give your brain time to process things, and help you remember things better. The one change I made to my workday that made a huge impact was working out every week. It not only improved my confidence, but it helped me remember everything and process my mega to-do list better. You might not know that you’re operating on less than 100% until you try new things and see what makes you feel amazing. Working out will definitely get you to 100% in your workday; it’ll make you more positive and productive.

You can use the Fit Is The Sh*t planner to get ahead of your workouts, meals, and more.

7. Switch off as often as possible

You need to switch your brain off as often as you can. Which means taking a step back every so often and doing something completely unrelated. Whether you take up a hobby after work or start working on something completely separate, the more you do (that isn’t work-related), the better you’ll feel at work. The more present you will become, and the easier it will be for you to tick off your to-do list. It’s sometimes too easy to be consumed by work, but the more you step away from it and give yourself another project – the better.

8. Ask for performance reviews

Most people dread their performance reviews. And whether or not you have yearly reviews, it’s a good idea to ask for feedback from people around you on how you’re performing, even a couple of words can help. Encourage people to tell you where you can improve because that feedback can help you grow. If you work for yourself, you can get feedback from those around you or clients and customers. You just need it if you want to grow.

9. Be helpful

You obviously have your career and your tasks of the day, but it doesn’t hurt to be helpful as often as possible. If you see something that needs to be put in the bin, do it. If you see someone who needs help, offer it. It might not be in your job description, but being helpful can put you in favor with people and make you feel good. It’ll upgrade your workday by making the people around you have renewed respect for you, and show that you’re a team player. The one thing to remember is to say no if there’s a time when you really can’t offer help. You don’t want to end up being everyone’s errand girl, so try your best to tread that line.

10. End your day with a few minutes of gratitude

The best way to experience more success in your life is by being more grateful for what you have. Practicing gratitude will help you deal with the everyday stresses of life, make you more positive, productive, and think like a go-getter. Filling in the 365 Days of Gratitude journal every evening can help you make this into a daily habit. The idea is that when you start to look for the good in every day, you’re banishing negative thoughts and behaviors and instead of becoming a happier, healthier person.


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