10 Manageable Goals To Set Yourself For The Rest Of The Year


Looking for some goals to set yourself to help you reclaim some lost time after lockdown? It’s all about setting yourself manageable goals for the remaining months of the year. While this year might feel overall like a write-off, don’t let it be, the best thing to do at this point is to take paper and a pen and edit your goals. With that in mind, here are a few manageable goals to set yourself right now. Don’t sweat it, you’ve got this!


Learn a new skill

You can easily learn a new skill, whether it’s how to manage stress, a language, cooking some new foods, or trying out that course you’ve always wanted to sign up to. There’s nothing stopping you from learning something new – it’s such a manageable, simple goal.


Live in the moment

Try to put down your phone and create more memories. It’s important to live in the ‘now’, and often, in this busy crazy world, we forget that. Start small, put your phone away one hour before bed, and don’t pick it up until you’ve been awake for one hour.

Ban it at lunches and dinners.

Don’t zone out and look at your phone when someone is talking. If there’s a silence, resist the temptation to turn to your phone.



Pick up a hobby

This is linked to learning a new skill, you should dig deep and find out what you love doing out of work. Even if you’ve started your own business, you need some downtime. Whether it’s painting or playing the piano, start doing something just for you. This is one of the easiest goals to set yourself right now.

Start by circling back, what did you always love doing as a child? Can you take any of those hobbies up again? Do you need to buy any equipment to help you achieve that?


Organize everything

Life runs smoother when everything is in its place. Start with your computer, clear your desktop. Put all those files in the bin and delete emails. Once that’s done, do the same with the camera roll on your phone.

Decluttering your life helps you declutter your mind.



Work up a sweat

Don’t set yourself a goal that’s easy to break. Don’t try to lose a certain amount of pounds in a certain amount of days. Instead, promise yourself that you will move more. Thirty minutes a day is all you need to work up a sweat, to begin with.


Know your worth

We know that women tend to lean towards softer language and find it harder to say no. Or even ask for a raise. Make the rest of this year the year of tough conversations. If they need to be had, don’t fret over them, just have them. Make yourself a priority and know your worth.


Spend more time offline

Similar to living in the moment, you might have to induce some anxiety when you go out with friends or family, and leave your phone at home. It’s a great way to force yourself to stay offline. Try one day a week, maybe a Sunday. See how you feel. Eventually, the fear of missing out will subside and you’ll have a whole new lease of life.


Make time for people who matter

Call your grandparents. Try to call your parents more. Write letters and cards. Plan to do spontaneous things for people you haven’t seen in a while. It’s important to spend time talking to the people who matter to you. If you find yourself crazy busy, you might forget how long it’s actually been since you’ve spoken to someone.

Start by setting reminders on your phone especially for calling or talking to people. Treat it like a work appointment, and do it even when you don’t feel like it.


Edit your wardrobe

This year, it’s time to curate the perfect wardrobe. Make some investments that you can rely on again and again. Use Pinterest and Instagram to find colors, fabrics, and shapes that you want to bring into your wardrobe. Swear by these staples and turn to them again and again.

Take out clothes you aren’t going to wear (or fit into) and donate them to charity once and for all. Stop holding on to things you aren’t going to use.


Face a fear

There has to be something you’re putting off because of fear. Nobody likes to do the things that scare them, but now’s the time. Start small and step it up. Every fear you cross off should be celebrated with a reward. This is one of the ultimate goals to set yourself right now. We’ve been through a lot, so let’s fight the fear!

Eventually, you’ll have faced all your rational fears and be feeling mighty confident about it, too.


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