10 Minimal Jewelry Pieces That You Have To Get Your Hands On Now


The right jewelry can elevate any outfit, whether it’s for work or for after-work drinks. You want jewelry to be dainty, delicate, and to make each outfit look expensive. You don’t want to cheapen a look you’ve thought long and hard over with jewelry that doesn’t look as good as you do.

That’s why these minimal jewelry brands are nailing it right now. Not only do they deliver beautiful, delicate pieces, but they look super expensive.

Gold Butterfly Choker


If you’re looking for something bang on trend and still super minimal. This gold butterfly choker will add a touch of class to every outfit. Butterflies are in right now, with summer in full swing, it’s all about embracing the flutters and showing your playful side. Buy it here.

Colorful charm choker


Another choker worth mentioning is this super cute colorful charm choker. With all the colors of the rainbow, this choker could easily overwhelm an outfit. Luckily it’s just minimal and dainty enough that it’ll add a touch of class to any outfit. Buy it here.

Abigail Moon & Stars Ring


Constellations are so in right now, why not show everyone that you’re reaching for the stars as well as wearing them with these gorgeous moon and stars rings. Buy them here.

Starburst Diamond Bracelet


While we’re on the theme of stars, this bracelet might be a little more pricy but is definitely worth the spend. Super luxurious, it’ll twinkle in the night even when it’s cloudy! Buy it here.

Star Drop Earrings


Check Pinterest and you’ll see, stars are totally in right now. These drop earrings are a super cute way to jazz up a work outfit and make it evening appropriate. Buy them here.


Cherry earrings


Why not wear something in your ear that looks good enough to eat? These earrings are definitely too good to sit in a jewelry drawer, they need a killer outfit to really work. Buy it here.

Colorful stacking rings


Why stop at one ring when you can have multiple? These pretty pastel stacking gemstone rings are super classy and (even better) look so expensive! Buy them here.

Rainbow Stardust Ring


The only thing cooler than stars is rainbow stars. Why not add to your collection of stacking rings with this gorgeous stardust rainbow ring! Buy it here.

Rainbow Gemstone Mini Suspender Earrings


Combine rainbows with stacking and get these mini earrings. They look gorgeous and will make your ears a definite talking piece of your outfit. Buy them here.

Pria Gold Earrings


We didn’t theme this edit, honestly! Stars, planets, and twinkles are so in right now that all the best minimalistic jewelry contains all those themes. These planet inspired earrings are definitely ones to add to the wishlist. Buy it here.



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