The 10 Minute Wake Up Routine To Start Your Day

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Mornings are the most important time of the day, they’re responsible for setting the tone and attitude for how the day is going to go. Now, I know that hitting the snooze button can feel good for a few minutes. But, and it pains me to say, if it’s extra sleep you’re after, then just go to bed earlier! Instead, get yourself up and prepared with a wake-up routine. Trust us, we know that time can be scarce for busy bees like us, which is why this super quick 10-minute wake-up routine saves our lives!

0-3 minutes: Stretch 

Spend three minutes stretching out your muscles. Throughout the night, your muscles have the tendency to turn cold and stiff which can lead to cramps and injury. Stretching your muscles also warms up your joints and wakes you up instantly to face the day with more energy. Stretches that target your arms, obliques, and back are great to do as soon as you wake up!

3-5 minutes: Splash your face

Spend two minutes waking yourself up. Go to the bathroom (by now you’re probably still a bit groggy), run the cold tap and splash your face three times. Not only will it energize, invigorate and wake you up, it’ll also tighten your pores. You won’t feel as sleepy and you’ll find applying your makeup later much easier!

5-8 minutes: Set out your daily intentions

Take three minutes to be silent and think about how you’d like the day to go. You might even like to do a couple of minutes of journaling. See yourself smashing that work meeting, enjoying lunch with your buddies and killing it at the gym after a long day. One of the keys to success is visualization because it feeds your brain with positive images that help your mind to stay focused and optimistic. If you find yourself falling asleep while visualizing, write it down instead! Before you move on, set your alarm ten minutes earlier for tomorrow so you’ve got extra time to play with.

8-10 Minutes: Don’t forget your morning lemon!

Before desperately reaching for your morning coffee, drink a glass of warm water with lemon. Lemon water aids in detoxifying and keeping your digestive system flowing smoothly, especially after a night’s sleep. This miracle drink also clears up your skin, gets enough Vitamin C flowing in your body and heals your body. We’re not surprised that Miranda Kerr includes this as part of her daily diet and the best part? It only takes less than two minutes to prepare!

You should already feel more awake and ready to tackle the day, so now you can make your breakfast, get dressed and head out the door feeling fresh, energized, and positive!


How do you wake up in the mornings?

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Carissa Morais

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