10 Mistakes Successful People Refuse To Make

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Where there is a mistake there is always a lesson to be learned. When you’re just starting out in your career, the mistakes aren’t as easy to recognise and it’s likely that you will make a lot of them. But the good news is the more successful you become, the easier it will be to avoid those mistakes and soon you won’t be making these 10 mistakes that successful people refuse to make.

1) They never approach anything without a plan

While planning something expertly won’t necessarily mean that it will definitely work out, those that are successful will always enter everything that they do with the most amount of planning possible. With a solid plan in place, mistakes are much less likely to happen making it essential not to be without.

2) They don’t let setbacks knock them back

Setbacks are inevitable, and often cannot be classed as a mistake, but instead the mistake lies in how you respond. Those that are successful will never let the mistake of a setback push them back too much, but will instead use it to come back stronger.

3) They don’t let their work take over

Often when we think of successful people we imagine workaholics, petrified of a day off and insistent on working every hour of every day, but in reality this simply isn’t true. Those who are successful have the perfect balance of work and the rest of their life, and can easily spot the mistake of putting too much effort in one place.

4) They don’t make excuses

When something goes wrong often we try in every way possible to justify why. We can try and pass the blame, or find some loophole that makes the problem not our fault, but successful people don’t make this mistake and will never make excuses for what they have done.

5) Think they know enough

The more success you have, the more confident you are likely to be, but the most successful people never think that they know enough. A common mistake is to stop trying to learn once you have achievements, but those who are most successful will never stop learning or think that they know too much to be taught any more.

6) Try and do things on their own

Behind every great success is a great team that helped to achieve it and someone who is successful will never make the mistake of forgetting this. Often the mistake of people being undervalued is made, but those who are successful value everyone around them and never think that they can do things alone.

7) Think a job is beneath them

With success comes the ability to delegate, and often the mistake made is that people use this power too much. The most successful people know exactly what it took to get them to where they are now, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty regardless of their position.

8) They never dwell on the past

Learning from the past is essential, but letting it affect you too much is a mistake. The most successful people will learn from what has happened, but will mainly focus on the future and most importantly will refuse to spend more time than needs be thinking of what could have been.

9) They refuse to engage with negativity

Successful people will refuse to let negativity bring them down. Whether it stems from people, or as a result of feedback the most successful people refuse to make the mistake of letting it take away their positivity.

10) They don’t let jealously get in their way

Admiring the success of others is perfectly fine, but being jealous can lead to unhealthy habits. The most successful people are aware that there is value in learning from others, but never make the mistake of being jealous of the success that they have achieved.

  • Samantha

    These are all essential! Sometimes I think it can be difficult to work with others and it’s something to continually work on, but it by far produces the best result and can lead to the most success!

    Blue Eyed Adventurer

  • Anne Cohen

    I love this post! Gorgeous pics!

  • Elise

    Hey Emma, I really like this post. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like point 5. We should always be continually learning, and always have the attitude of a student. Love it. X


  • Kirsten Plint

    These are some things I should really listen to

    Kirsten | http://www.ninetyone17.co.za

  • Alexis

    This. All of this…is such a great reminder. Love #2. Still working on it :)
    xx Alexis
    YouTube “Travel with Alexis”

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