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10 Must Know Safety Tips For Career Girls Traveling Alone

There is almost no one in our generation that doesn’t know another Career Girl that went to Asia, Australia, Europe or other cool places to travel all by herself.

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We like to explore, take risks, don’t see borders anymore and love to make friends from all over the world.

Regardless of gender, you always need to be aware of the possible dangers while traveling and, unfortunately, traveling by yourself, especially as a girl, comes with some risks. There is no need to become paranoid, but knowing some extra safety tips is never a bad thing!

#1 – Stay aware

Always be aware (not paranoid, just aware) of things happening around you. Know the street of your hotel, how to get there and what the safe taxi companies are. Notice your surroundings, the street names and local shops. Know where you are, try to adapt and find your way around quickly.

#2 – Book a hotel for your first night

Especially when you arrive late. I know how excited it can be to book nothing upfront and just see where you end up, but it is wiser just to book your first night and then start wondering around where to sleep next. You never know what happens on your way there, your plane might be delayed which makes that you arrive late at night or you might not be able to find a hotel, which can lead to a pretty stressful situation.

#3 – Dress in lines with the culture

You don’t need to dress specifically like the locals, but always make sure that you dress along those lines. Don’t go to the local supermarket in your bikini when you know that is not appropriate there. Make sure you dress like you but within the lines of the culture.

#4 – Make friends with other travelers

Also make friends with people that are working in your hotel/hostel. They often know exactly what to do, where to go and, also very important, where not to go.

Befriending other travelers, will not only give you friends for life, sometimes you want some company so then it is nice to have some people around you. Travelers often watch out for each other, which is, locally, the best insurance you can have.

#5 – Don’t keep all your money in 1 place

Never keep all your money and cards in 1 place. If you lose it, everything is gone, which is the nightmare for every traveler! When you arrive in your hotel/hostel, ask where the safe in your room is and leave some money and cards in there and take the amount necessary for that day (and maybe a little extra) with you.

#6 – Bring a portable door/window alarm

This is an easy and cheap way to make any accommodation safer. Also very handy, when you have a shared bathroom, to give you a bit more privacy while you shower. You can easily buy one from Amazon and they are really cheap, so no reason not to buy one.

#7 – Arrange private transfer from the airport to your hotel

Especially when you arrive in the evening/late at night. Make your journey a little bit less stressful and more comfortable. Most hotels offer this service or partnered up with a local trustworthy cab company, so they can easily help you to book a private transfer.

#8 – Don’t sleep on trains

Avoid taking the night train all by yourself if possible and try not to fall asleep on the train and stay aware of your surrounding (or chat with other people on the train). Also, try to go in a cabin that already has other people in it and, if possible, sit close to other women (no this does not mean that men are freaks or scary).

#9 – Take a picture of a cab license before you get in

It doesn’t matter in which country I am, I always try to Whatsapp the license plate of a cab to my friends. This is not just for safety, but also in case you forgot something in the cab (which happened a lot to me, so unfortunately I learned it the hard way) it is an easier way to find your stuff back.

#10 – Register with the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers

Most of us know how difficult it can be when you go to the doctors in a foreign country where no one speaks English or another language you know. If you ever are in need of medical help, this is the organization that can and will help you out. They will help you to find a medical clinic with approved doctors that speak English.

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  1. Heather says

    These were amazing tips! Thanks for sharing, it was super helpful :)

  2. Jessy says

    When I travel by myself I follow most of these tips! Cause you never know, so you might as well be safe :)

    Xoxo Jessy

  3. Chi-Chi says

    These are great tips!

    It’s very easy to forget that you are in a foreign country with different rules and cultural norms. We’re lucky to live in a time where we can practically travel anywhere in the entire world and still be easily connected with our nearest and dearest, however we still have to be cautious, especially as women, because not everyone will appreciate our rights.

    I would also add, be wary of taking gifts from strangers back home or to another country (drug trafficking)

  4. Majean says

    Loved the tips especially since they’re not the ones you often think about! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Nancy says

    I didn’t know there is such thing as a portable door lock! This would definitely help me with giving a relief that no random person might just “accidentally” come through the door. Reading this makes me want to go on a solo trip for sure ;)

  6. Bell Santiago says

    Super helpful tips, I’m going to travel with my friend this summer and we definitely need to be on the lookout more!

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