18 Pairs Of Shoes For Every Occassion That Are Fashionable And Comfortable


If  you ask me what is your favorite part of any outfit I will answer shoes! I am obsessed with shoes and I am always looking for a new perfect pair. I’ve decided to create a list of favorites that are comfortable enough to wear


Superstar Flats

Photo via Fashion Me Now

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Comfy Booties

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Photo via Horkruks

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Block Heels

White on White & Other Stories 4

Photo via & Other Stories

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White Sneakers


Photo via Mija

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Slip On Trainers


Photo via She Be The Sound

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  • Lovelylefflerjewelry

    Love the Nike sneakers. So cute!

  • P&F

    Urban Outfiters and Rachel Sandal are my two faves! thank you for sharing!

  • Bella B

    I really love those Nike’s!


  • Sabrina

    I wish they had my size in the Bessie Heel! Love those.

  • RoyBaker

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  • Sophie Anderson

    Where are the first pair of heels in the cover photo (black block) from?

  • priyashree

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