10 Positive Affirmations For Success And Happiness


These affirmations for positive thinking will help you get control of the next few months of the year. None of us could have imagined what 2020 had in store. And we’re all still trying to understand this strange, alternative world. But there is still time to have a positive end to 2020 with the help of affirmations. There are just over three months left until the end of the year, so there’s no better time! 

You may already use affirmations without thinking about it. You are most likely unconsciously affirming the opposite of what you want. If you pay attention to the messages you tell yourself, most of the time they are framed negatively. I don’t have enough money, I can’t afford that are two examples of those negative affirmations.

Turn 2020 on its head and have a positive ending by repeating some of these affirmations regularly throughout the day and change your mindset to ‘I will’.


I choose positivity.

It’s easy to focus on the negatives, particularly when it feels like everything is going wrong and that you have no control. If you reset your mindset and declare that you are choosing positivity, you are not choosing to never be negative. Instead, you are choosing not to allow negative thoughts to drown you. The Stress Less Journal planner is a great way to log how you are feeling on a daily basis and learn to channel that positive energy! Smashed your favorite mug? It’s an opportunity to find a new one. Missed the bus? It’s an opportunity to walk to the next stop and get some fresh air. You can always choose affirmations for positive thinking over negative ways to think!


I am loved.

We often look outside of ourselves to find our self-worth. Instead, we need to look inside. Once we accept ourselves the way we are and love ourselves, we stop looking to others for validation and approval. We create that validation and approval for ourselves.


I am worthy of my dream job and am creating the career of my dreams.

Stuck in a job you don’t want? Put off applying for that dream job because you only tick 8 out of 10 of the desirables? This affirmation will help you switch to a more positive mindset. By repeating this affirmation, you are visualizing yourself doing that dream job. The line to get there may not be straight, but your focus and mindset won’t let that put you off.


Stress Less


Win At Life


Goals 2021



I believe in me.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you are creating self-doubt. You are telling yourself you don’t believe you can have the life you want. Using this affirmation can change your sub-conscious view and reduce the self-doubt. Believe that those dreams you have can become a reality.


I am perfectly imperfect.

Stress Less journal

We often strive for perfection. But who defines perfection? This affirmation can help you accept and love your imperfections. Stop aiming for the unattainable standard and be you.


I am loved. My past is not a reflection of my future.

We all make mistakes. We all learn from them. This affirmation can help you accept your past and stop the past from holding you back from the future you deserve.


I love my body.

If you struggle with body image, learning to accept and love your body can help you be happier and more positive. It doesn’t mean you are stuck in this body and will never change it, but this affirmation helps you love your body every day.


I make healthy choices everyday.

When you’re stressed or upset or worried, food can often be a comfort. That comfort can also lead to a vicious cycle of criticizing ourselves for the choices we make. Focusing on healthy choices, this affirmation can help you towards making healthier choices every day. Try using the Win At Life Journal to keep a log of what you are eating and how much water you are drinking. It’s a great visual tool to help keep you on track. This is one of those affirmations for positive thinking that is so easy to keep track of!


I easily accomplish all of my goals.

Goal planning can often seem easy to do. Taking action to achieve those goals can sometimes seem difficult. Train your brain to see you accomplishing your goals, turning them from dream goals into reality. Jotting your goals down is a great way to see them and commit to them. You can use the Goals 2021 Diary for this, there’s something satisfying about ticking off your to-do list and watching your dreams slowly become a reality. 


I am enough.

This is the ultimate affirmation to help you end 2020 on a positive note. It can change your internal narrative and stop you from doubting yourself. Use this to retrain your thoughts and achieve your goals. 2020 can still have a positive end.

By Caroline Kelly 


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