Success Cheat Sheet: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself To Nail Your Online Branding


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So you’ve taken a leap of faith and you’ve decided to create your own business or product. First of all, kudos to you! But now comes the hard part; you need to meticulously define or refine your branding strategy. When you are trying to nail your online brand, think of yourself just like a popular product!

To get started, here are ten questions you need to ask yourself:

What is your unique story?
Once you decide what aspects of your story separate you from others, allow it to help you define your brand.

What is your personal style?
Just like your story, your style is also singular and unlike any other. Incorporate your likes and dislikes as you decide on a name, tagline or design for your web page.

What are your strengths?
Use your strengths to your advantage. Maybe you are good at writing or taking pictures. Once you are able to identify these strengths, put them on display!

Who is your target audience?
Decide who you want reading your blog or using your product. This will help you make executive decisions that will allow your brand to appeal to this demographic.

How would you define your brand?
This starts with a vision, but the definition of your brand should be more specific. It should be able to answer what your brand is, what it does and what makes it valuable.

What value can you offer your audience?
Decide on the position you want to take and how you can offer something special to your target audience. Maybe you want to showcase your fashion. Whatever makes your fashion sense unique, that is the value you can offer your audience.

How can you define your voice?
Your voice sets the tone for your brand. Do you want to come across as serious, refined, humorous or quirky? Defining your voice is a reflection of your style and will help you appeal to your audience.

What do you want your logo to look like?
Allow your personal style to guide this process. However, take your time and make sure it’s an accurate reflection of your vision for your brand.

What aspects of social media will you use?
Besides offering your audience a product, it’s important that you connect with them. Social media can allow you to further connect with your viewers or followers. Find out how Snapchat could be the key to a successful business here.

What resources do you want to invest in?
Be sure to check out resources that will help you with this process. Developing a brand is hard work! So if you find that you may need some extra help, look into companies that will guide the branding process and make your vision a reality.

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  • Amy Sewell

    All excellent points. A solid financial plan is key as well; here are a few things I did when starting my business more than 10 years ago:

  • Erika

    Awesome tips! I’m still working on branding my blog the way I want it.

  • LisaLDN

    So helpful! Thank you <3


  • Pippi Hepburn

    Really helpful advice to define and just hone in on what I want to look like online. Thanks!

  • Jil Diamante

    Very helpful! Than you, CGD!


  • Kate (Petite Adventures)

    Really helpful and great list. Thanks!

    Kate x

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