10 Questions To Ask Yourself That Will Make You More Successful


One thing I’ve done over the past few years that has made a lasting impact on me is interview successful women. No matter which walks of life they were from, whether they were the former CFO of BMW or a famous YouTuber, they all had their own routines, rituals, and success stories.

They inspired me over the years to try new things in the pursuit of success. It was refreshing to sit down with them and ask how they got to where they are, and what they asked themselves daily to help create their own success. They didn’t sit around and wait for success to happen to them, no, in fact, they went out there and reached for their own success. They created the success they wanted, asked themselves what they’d envisioned for themselves and created a path to go out there and get it. With that in mind, there are some questions you can ask yourself that will prepare you for success, by priming your mind, thinking about what you want and creating a definition for your success, you’ll be able to see the plan ahead and know how you’re going to achieve it.

Question 1: What is your actual definition of success?

Everyone sees success differently, so the first stop on your roadmap is to define it in one sentence. One true definition of success for yourself. Make it realistic, though. Is success in achieving everything you’ve ever wanted? Is it working in your dream job? Is it creating your perfect life and having more time for what matters?

Question 2: Are you a leader or a follower?

Contrary to popular belief, no matter what industry you are in, you will need to think like a leader. You will need to be able to take responsibility for things and step up to the tasks that you’re given. Whether you’re trying to build your own business or working in an established company. You need to deliver results, think like a leader, and stand out from the crowd. So how are you doing right now? Are you following or are you leading?

Question 3: Are you prepared to take risks?

To be successful you need to take risks. They might not always pay off, but you need to be prepared and confident in the risks you’re taking. Think about the last time you did something that might not have paid off, that was a risk because you felt good about it. This also means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in day to day life. Do things that scare you just to enrich your life and learn something new.

Question 4: What are your greatest strengths?

It’s easy to think about your strengths and weaknesses from a detached perspective, but what are your greatest strengths. What makes you unique? What can you bring to a team that nobody else can? That’s what you need to hold on to. Your greatest strengths are unique and unchallenged. Something you can feel confident about and be sure of no matter what.

Give Yourself Credit Journal


Finance Journal


Finance Journal


Question 5: What does failure mean to you?

In order to be successful you need to think about failure, what does it mean to you? When was the last time you failed hard at something? How did you overcome your personal and professional failures?

Question 6: What’s your back up plan?

If it all goes wrong, what are you going to do next? Do you have a backup plan to help you create the success you’ve dreamed about? Have you planned for all outcomes? It’s always good to have a back up plan, no matter what happens. Failing to plan is planning to fail, after all.

Question 7: How are you going to make your success happen?

This is the most crucial question. You know what you want to do,  but how are you going to do it? How are you going to achieve what some might say is impossible? Break your plan down from monthly to daily, you can even create an hourly plan to follow in something like the Goals 2019 Diary, and that way you’ll always know what you should be doing to stay on track with your plan for success.

Question 8: Who can you rely on to help you on this journey?

Whether it’s friends, family, or mentors and colleagues. Success can be a lonely road. You need to have people on your side who will help keep you sane, push you, and give you good advice. To get that, you need to ask yourself who you can rely on, and make more time for those people.

Question 9: Which resources will help you create your success?

Yes, you will need resources. You’ll need to learn more, develop your skills and knowledge, and try to become a better person constantly. So ask yourself, what do you need? Do you need to enroll in some classes? Do you need new planners? Books? To learn a new skill? Make a list of things you’ll need and get cracking.

Question 10: How will you stay inspired?

The key to success is staying inspired. You can repeat the same action a thousand times but real inspiration is what will make others take notice. So how are you going to stay inspired? The best way I’ve found is to actually go out into the world, try new things and find ways to motivate myself. You can’t always get inspiration from looking at a Pinterest board.


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