10 Reasons Every Career Girl Needs Wi-Fi

DSC_0501Being a career girl means being connected to the Internet 24/7 sometimes, and despite what people say there are lots of reasons why connecting to the Wi-Fi is an essential for all of us. Do you suffer with that feeling of dread when your connection goes down? Us, too! Here are ten reasons every career girl needs Wi-Fi! 

#1 Research

So you want to climb the corporate ladder, or maybe you fancy yourself as an entrepreneur, the best thing to do is to research all avenues and all the possible outcomes of your dream. If you know the risks and the best ways to get what you want you’ll have a head start!

#2 Networking

There’s no better time to reach out and network with professionals or other career girls looking to break that glass ceiling. Twitter is an incredible networking tool, you can directly interact with almost anyone, check out our guide to using social media as a networking tool.

#3 Socialising

Every career girl needs to catch up with her support network every now and again. The great thing about having Wi-Fi is that you can use it for free messaging and video calls thanks to apps like Skype. That way, no matter where your career takes you, you can always talk to the people you care about thanks to your trusty computer!

#4 Keeping Up With News

It’s important to keep up with the issues that you care about, as well as the wider news, so that you have an idea of what’s going on in the world. Having a good grasp of world news is a must for all career girls, it may help you with your ambition and it’s a good way to widen your cultural knowledge.

#5 Watching your favourite shows

Thanks to Netflix, we can now keep up with our favourite shows wherever we are, as long as we have Wifi! So if all that hard work is bringing you down, all you need to do is click away and watch your favourite movies, documentaries and TV shows. Check out our favourite things on Netflix for some suggestions on what to watch.

#6 Doing ‘very important work’

Career Girls need Wifi to work, that’s a must. But sometimes, you just want to play a browser game or start looking up chocolate brownie recipes. If you want a great way to waste time, you definitely need Wi-Fi. So much to do, so little time!

#7 For Internet Stalking

Whether it’s an ex, an old friend or a celebrity, there’s always a reason to keep clicking. We want to know what’s going on, from a safe distance. Sometimes you just need to click on Instagram and find some life inspiration, or someone that you’re envious of (in a good way) to keep clicking. It’s healthy to want to use the internet to see into the lives of people you couldn’t ordinarily.

#8 Finding your favourite YouTube videos

It only takes a few clicks to be thrown down the rabbit hole of YouTube, twenty makeup tutorials later and you’ve wasted an hour learning how to create perfect eyebrows with a piece of string and some brown eyeshadow. Where would we be without YouTube? If you need something demonstrated, or want to see weird creepy videos of ‘ghosts’ YouTube is the only place you can turn.

#9 For exploration

A career girl knows that sometimes self discovery and exploration comes from the Internet. We can use it for meditation, motivational videos, building a community and donating money to charity. Sometimes it is best to have a break, just to avoid becoming addicted and force ourselves to go outside and enjoy life, but having Wi-Fi gives us access to infinite possibilities, connecting with the world and seeing it in a way we never normally could.

#10 Finding inspiration

The internet is awash with inspiration, from interior decorating to recipes. You can start a vision board with Pinterest and clip articles from the internet with Pocket. Create a visual inspiration board and use it to guide your life! Read our handy guide to creating a vision board here!

What’s your favourite way to use Wifi? I spend an awful lot of time on Pinterest collecting images to motivate myself. There are limitless ways to use the Internet, so thanks for spending one of your ways here with us!

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