Summertime Sadness? Here Are 10 Reasons to Be Excited For Fall

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Fall (or autumn if you’re in the UK like the CGD HQ) is a season filled with pumpkins, leaves, scarves, and sweaters. It can be easy to dread saying goodbye to the summer sun and surrendering your wardrobe to knits and gloves, but there are some reasons that fall rocks.

Read on to discover just why you should be eager for all things fall: grab your pumpkin spice latte and a comfy flannel, light that scented candle, and get reading!

1. Festive activities

The fall is amazing due to the infinite number of fun, seasonal activities that arise as soon as the leaves begin to change. Some of our top picks are corn mazes, apple picking, pumpkin carving, haunted houses, hay rides, and bonfires with friends. It’s easy to overlook these opportunities to make memories in the busy life of career girl, but taking a few hours to do some unique and fun things can boost your happiness, reduce stress, produce plenty of Instagram-worthy photos, and make lasting memories that you’ll smile back on in years to come.

2. The scenery

There is a unique beauty found only in the snippets of moments observed in nature in the fall. Breathtakingly beautiful scenes arise in a trail of leaves drifting down while the sun shines, in festive wreaths adorning each doorway, and in the warmth of a bonfire held with the laughter of your friends and family surrounding you. Take advantage of these moments and hold onto them, because the little things are what you’ll want one day.

3. Fall movies

Some of our favorite films are ones that are shown only in the depths of those amazing fall months. The best of the best include Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, and Halloweentown. Pop some hot, buttery popcorn and settle into your couch with blankets and chocolate, pop in the film of your choice (or hit play on Netflix) and enjoy a night in (or a week in).

4. Halloween

How could one of the “Big 10” not be the biggest holiday of the season? There’s so much to love about Halloween, from the movies, to the adorably themed treats and sweets, to the decorated houses, to the candy and costumes. 

5. Food & drink

Food first! The treats and sweets that come along with fall are some of the best of the year. Candy corn, apples, and everything pumpkin make the world a better place. Also, the desserts aren’t too shabby, with many spicy-sweet treats adding that special something to your day. As far as drinks go, there’s nothing better than steam rising off of a cup of warm coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate as you stroll through the crisp fall air. Of course, we couldn’t go without mentioning the PSL, a favorite of many Career Girls! Savoring the flavors of fall is something we look forward to as summer draws to a close.

6. Coziness

There are so many cozy and cuddly moments in fall. They range from chunky sweaters to soft blankets, from raging bonfires to low-key fireplaces, from sipping coffee to baking in the kitchen. Enjoy every warm and fuzzy, heart-flutteringly cozy moment, because the best way to make it through cold weather is by cuddling up with a blanket, tea, and a book.

7. Decorating your house/room

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for all things cute, and the fall décor that’s been hitting the shelves recently is not doing any good to my budget. However, it’s okay, because giving your home or your room a cozy, seasonal feel is not only festive, but it’s refreshing (bonus: it’s been proven that updating the décor in your environment boosts productivity!). So, if buying pumpkin luminaries and fairy light leaf strands makes you feel more loving towards the season, go for it (as much as you can afford, of course!). Also, check out Pinterest for some amazing DIY fall décor ideas.

8. The scents in the air

One major thing that lovers of all things fall rejoice in, candles. There are endless numbers of absolutely flawless fall scented candles to burn and enjoy, whether you prefer spicy, sweet, or just natural. Another thing that’s amazing about fall scents is the smells of nature, picture this, you walk outside around sunset, take a deep breath through your nose, and the scent of crisp leaves and warm bonfires drifts to you in the cool fall air. In addition, there’s nothing better than the scent of your favorite coffee shop in the fall, because all of the speciality drinks are so amazingly scented that you can’t decide which one to order!

9. Nights in & nights out

There are reasons to love both. In fall, it’s perfectly okay to stay in, whether it’s to cuddle while watching a movie and burning a pumpkin marshmallow candle, or if it’s to have a game night while eating takeout and listening to fall songs. At the same time, there’s the excitement of going out to do fall-central things (see #1) and heading to all those fun Halloween parties with your friends, or Thanksgiving dinner, or even just for a huge bonfire night complete with s’mores.

10. Fall fashion

Admit it, you live for the days of cute boots (and even cuter boot socks), sweaters, sweater dresses, leggings, and more. The accessories sometimes outshine the outfits, with cute scarves, hats, and socks rounding out the fashionable fall look for any girl find amazing items here.

Slip on your comfiest festive socks and a pair of brown ankle boots, and head out feeling confident and beautiful in a look that matches the season.  Or check out this amazing article with the best camel items for fall

Comment below what you’re most excited about! If you enjoyed reading this article, I’d encourage you to write your own list of reasons to love fall! It’ll make you more excited almost instantly (As I was writing this, I decided to decorate my bedroom for the fall and began picturing the things I want to do with my family and friends!)


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  1. Thank you for this post Kaitlin!

    I have to admit that I don’t really like this time of year, because it becomes colder and darker. But you are complete right about these things! Especially the fashion, movies and the nights in or out, is something I am looking forward to.

  2. Hello Louise! Thank you for your lovely comment! I’m so happy you enjoyed the article; I feel the same way about the cold/dark, but I think the little moments that are warm and bright about the fall make up for it!

  3. I really feel the same way Adela! It’s kind of a toss up for me between all 4 seasons; I love and dislike things about them all but usually, the love outweighs the dislike! :) Thanks for reading & commenting!

  4. Happy you enjoyed the article and list items Emily! Thank you so much for reading and commenting; I hope you have a lovely autumn!

  5. Hello, Cecil! I’m so happy you loved the post; thanks for commenting & reading! I love combat boots and am only a teeny bit ashamed to admit how many pairs of cute socks I have to wear with them. I don’t own a wool dress but hopefully I’ll find one I love and buy it to wear this season!

  6. Hi Danielle! Those things all sound lovely; I hope you have an amazing autumn filled with all the things you enjoy! :)

  7. Hello Lauren! Thank you for reading! I’m so happy you enjoyed the post, and I hope your fall is absolutely perfect!

  8. Hi Kaitlin,
    I love fall for many of the exact reasons you mentioned. Thanks for writing such a wonderful article!

  9. Love this article! I adore Fall, it’s my favorite season. It’s like the new beginning… I adore reading all those September issues of my favorite fashion and beauty magazines while drinking hot tea… I also adore hot showers during chilly Fall nights, ahhh! :D

  10. Thanks so much for reading and commenting; it means a lot! <3 Glad you enjoyed the article and have an awesome fall!

  11. Hi Jeannie! Thank you for reading and commenting, and I’m so very happy you enjoyed it! Hope your fall is fun and amazing!

  12. Thank you for reading and commenting! Ooh, reading magazines and tea sounds so lovely right about now! I hope your fall is filled with everything you enjoy, and that you can relax and enjoy the season!

  13. I hope you get to experience all the fall things you enjoy and that it’s perfect in every way! Have a lovely fall, and thanks for reading!

  14. Yes to all of this! I live in Miami and it’s really hard to get in the spirit for fall because we don’t really get to experience the seasons like most places do, but this post definitely got me excited! I’m really looking forward to all the decorating and fashion!

  15. Hello Pippi; first off, I love your name! :) Secondly, thank you for reading and commenting. I completely agree with you: it’s hard to choose between the warmth and sunshine of summer and the crisp, cool beauty of autumn. Have an amazing fall!

  16. Hi Karen! Thank you for reading and commenting; I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Even though it’s harder to appreciate the ‘fall’ things where you live, you can make the best of it by doing just what you said: getting in the spirit through decor and fashion. Enjoy your fall, Karen! :)

  17. Hi Jamie! Thanks so much for commenting and reading; I’m glad you loved it! I hope the article can get your sister into a slightly more positive attitude towards Fall (I bet it can: my mom absolutely doesn’t want summer to end, and I believe it helped her!) and I hope you have an absolutely perfect fall.

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