10 Signs You’re Going To Be Super Successful


Yes, there are some signs you will be successful. And no, they’re not as hard to spot as tea leaves or white lights descending on you from above. These signs usually come from within, patterns in your own behavior that mark you out as someone who is going to go for what you want and get the success you deserve. So, how many of these do you recognize?

You have a vision for your life 

Successful people have a vision and they manifest it by working towards it. Having a vague general idea where you want to be is not the same as sitting down and deciding the kind of work you want, the kind of woman you want to be, and the kind of place you want to live in. Once you do that, you can start showing up for your success and making it happen.

You try to simplify things 

Often processes in companies and in life can get bogged down and boring by ‘the way things have always been’. Looking for ways to simplify things and also to bring things into the 21st century is definitely a sign of success. If you’re constantly looking for the quicker, easier, faster way to do something then you’re going to be streaks ahead of everybody else.

If it’s painful, you let it go 

This is a bit of a mantra at CGD LONDON, but it’s true. Any successful person knows not to force something that’s painful, it extends to every area of life. If a part of your job is too tough, you look for ways to make it easier, if an idea really isn’t working, let it go. You cannot be stubborn if you want to be successful, you need to constantly evolve and know how to deal with anything. This is one of the signs you will be successful, you’re not too stubborn to move on if something isn’t working.

You play to your strengths

Successful people don’t try to force themselves to be the Jack of all trades. You can (and should) try your hand at other things, but using your strengths is always the best way to become successful. If you’ve always been a designer, play to that. Use your strengths to push yourself forward constantly.

You are not afraid of failure

It’s easy to say, but when you’re doing something new or putting yourself out there, the potential to fail is high. Failure doesn’t really mean anything in the world of success, it might be that you let something go because it’s too tough and just not working, but that ‘failure’ as it would traditionally be called, is just a lesson that helps you come back stronger and make something better later on.

You’re not an a**hole

Yep, this is one of those signs that you will be successful that is a no-brainer. Okay, yeah a bit controversial. We’ve heard the stories about super successful people who are actually not that nice to others, and it never ends well. Eventually, all the people they clambered over or talked down to came together to call them out. We live in a world where kindness goes far. If you’re nice to everyone around you, you’ll get a good reputation and you’ll go far.

You take time to learn 

Having a closed mindset is not conducive to reaching for success. You need to have an open mind, ready to learn new things and try new things. Give a little bit of time during your day to trying new things or learning new facts – even if you whack on a podcast while you’re cooking, broadening the mind is the key to success.

You’re introspective 

Nobody loves harsh criticism or feedback, that’s a given, but how you take it on board determines how successful you’re going to be. Looking for reasons why you’re not successful outside of yourself will never help you develop. You can blame the world, or you can look in a mirror and think about what you might be able to change to make success yours. If you’re capable of being self-aware, accepting your flaws and

You prioritize self-care

To be successful, you need to know when to care for yourself. The road to success can be stressful and the best thing for those really stressful times is to take a deep breath and outline some self-care practices for yourself. Making yourself a priority is really a great trait, it means you regulate what you eat, you work out, and you care for yourself.

You try to look at things from different angles

Throughout your journey to success, there will be many different problems and situations that present themselves, you will need to be able to see things from different perspectives and analyze situations with a fresh perspective to solve the problems quickly.