10 Simple Daily Activities To Help You Enjoy Your Work Day

cashmere2It’s Monday morning. You wake up before your alarm goes off, stretch and jump out of bed – you cannot wait to get to work to start the week. Sound…unfamiliar? If you’re anything like me, this is not how your mornings begin, even if you quite like your job. Work is still well, work, and it can get a little boring at times. That being said, there are always a few things you can do to make it a lot more enjoyable.

#1 Have a to-do and a weekly goals list

Being productive, completing tasks and meeting your goals can help you to enjoy work more. Yep, you’re still doing work – but it’s so much better when you can actually see yourself being productive by ticking things off your list.

#2 More breaks, less KitKats

Breaks are great; knowing you have one coming up motivates you to get a task finished and it takes your mind off work. Slow down on the sugary junk food too; you’re likely to end up in a sugar slump and feel even worse.

#3 And streeeeeeeeetch!

For many of us, we sit in a chair, in front of a computer, in the same position all the time. Take time to regularly stretch your arms; reach for your toes and lunge while no-one’s watching. Stretching can make you feel more energised and less achy – therefore more productive.

#4 Lunch like you’re the queen

Or as close to the queen as you can get –  just because you’re not royalty doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put yourself first. You’ve worked hard all morning, so don’t just sit at your desk, get up and get out! Treat yourself – lunch time is the new me time.

#5 Has anyone seen my earphones?

Plug yourself in. Make yourself a work playlist, get comfortable and focus. Block out all of that inane chatter around you and indulge in something you like, whether that be Led Zeppelin or Chopin.

#6 Stop counting the coffee rounds

Doing a favour for someone can really make you feel better in yourself, whether it’s grabbing your colleagues a cuppa, or going the extra mile for a client. Do a good deed because you want to and that great feeling of helping someone out will make the rest of your day a bit more satisfying.

#7 Many keyboards make light work

If your workload is getting you down, ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness – we are only human after all and there is only so much we can do. You may find that your colleague hasn’t got much on and is happy to give you a hand or someone knows an easier way of tackling your tasks.

#8 Compliments for everyone – including you

Each day, make a list of five positive points about yourself – from your assertiveness in yesterday’s meeting to your hair style today. Starting the day off on a positive note can really change your perspective and attitude at work.

#9 Celebrate for no reason

No social secretary? Be one. Organise office gatherings and events, even get your work mates to help you out and join in. Looking forward to after work drinks can really help the day go quicker, and your social life benefits too. It’s win-win.

#10 Look for something different

Unlike the other points, this isn’t one to change overnight. However, if you really don’t enjoy your job, perhaps the best way to have a more gratifying work life is to change to another role. You shouldn’t feel like you have to stay in a job you really dislike!

By Genieve Crump

  • HedgeFund Girl

    This has cheered me up sitting at my desk! At least we are half way through the week! I like the stretching out idea, I never do that! xx


    • Genieve Crump

      I’m glad to hear it – maybe my 11th point should have been ‘read this article’! Stretching is so easy to do at your desk, definitely one to test out :)

  • madankaran

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  • Jo

    Great tips! I especially think making time for a proper lunch break to get away is really productive, you come back feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle the next task!


    • Genieve Crump

      Yes exactly! I always go out for a walk because otherwise I don’t feel like I’ve had a real break and it’s nice to get some fresh air :)

  • Isabelle Collins

    I do some of these regularly, makes me feel so much better!


    • Genieve Crump

      Glad to hear it Isabelle – keep it up !

  • camille

    Such a great post

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  • Tiffany

    I make a to do list everyday and it keeps me sane at work!

  • Chelsea

    This really gets me motivated! I love these tips. Mondays don’t have to sound so bad anymore.

  • mary davis

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